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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Do you want a career in Cricket?

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Cricket career,cricket ground,cricket kit, indian team, cricket playersThe transition from school to college and then to actual career-building will not be as fair, nice, and safe as you might expect, particularly at a time when the world is rapidly moving towards a greater degree of automation with each passing day. You should quickly adapt to the changing times in order to match up to the tasks. Nevertheless, planning should start at the early stages so as to seize the opportunities as and when they come and the youngsters should keep learning to be productively engaged with society. Building a career in sports is the best option for children to survive in a competitive field.

The message is simple — if you dream of becoming a professional sportsperson, you should have earned some national visibility by 16 or you most likely compete out already! Harsh as it sounds, this is usually a family decision — a high level of mentorship is needed for a young kid to live the life of strict nutrition, fitness, and practice regimes that the demands of the sport and then to survive the emotional highs and crashing lows of professional wins and losses. Of course, you can just be a sports hobbyist and running, playing sports at community clubs and participating in amateur tournaments while you hold down your day job.

Indian cricketers were emerging in the National horizon due to sheer talent or maybe the influence of being so and so of former cricketers/officials of National repute. The talented guys had to toil hard to meet their both ends without any support, parents’ wrath and the risk of neglecting studies. In comparison with two decades back, the ever-growing popularity of cricket in India has changed the scenario completely today. Cricket is being pursued as a career. We all know that a cricket player’s career is limited. The follow up like the star tag, the glamour always adds to subsequent guaranteed engagements which may be in advertisements endorsements, politics and even in Bollywood. Besides, the money generated by a cricketer during his limited career will be more than enough to venture into business propositions aftermath the career.

No surprise, the cricket fever with the youngsters in the country increasing the number of cricket coaching institutes. Crowded summer coaching camps are seen every nook and corner of the country. And India is reigning No-1 in ODI ranking in the World. India has become the new home of World Cricket. So, If you got a trio of talent, passion, and luck by your side, maybe you can be a part of bleed blue and play for the country. To be an International player you want to start the preparations from age 14 or at least 16.

If you make it big, there is tremendous earning potential as a cricketer. In recent times, a large amount of money has been put into the game and even players who play domestic cricket can earn significant sums of money if they participate in the various T20 tournaments held around the world, such as IPL in India and Big Bash in Australia. Most cricketers also earn significant amounts of money through sponsorships. However, first-class cricket players do not earn as much as international players.

The level of competition in the world of cricket has increased drastically over the last few years, ever since more money has been made available to players. However, at the top level, there is always room for exceptional people. However, only the top thirty or so players in every country come into contention of making it into the final playing eleven in each team. Competition is extremely fierce, and one really has to stand out in terms of talent, determination, and luck to make it.

Cricketing is a viable career option in the 10 test match playing countries. These are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, and West Indies. Within India, you can get selected from any part of the country that is home to a first-class cricket team. However, it is often easier to get noticed if you are from a bigger city. Hence, the competition there can be more intense. To succeed you will have to work really hard and that makes you a tough player of the test to withstand pressure situations and perform at the highest level.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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