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Doctors should decide about abortion of foetus

One welcomes the Supreme Court judgment to allow a 22-year-old woman from Mumbai to terminate her 24 week pregnancy after doctors found the foetus was malformed and posed a risk to the life of the woman. However such decisions should be left for expert doctors to decide than the courts. Lot of precious time gets wasted in court proceedings and the pregnancy in question could have been terminated earlier if there was no need to get court orders which would have been safe for the woman. Also, the court’s order of getting the surgery done at KEM hospital is questionable as public hospitals have their own limitations and the decision should be left for the family where they want to get it done which could be at the best hospital if they can afford.

The law does not allow abortions after 20-weeks of pregnancy in India without court orders which one feels is ridiculous as internationally a woman can seek abortion during abnormality. Time to alter our laws and panel of doctors could decide than courts to save on time and pain to the suffering woman. Laws are necessary due to many illegality but an expert panel can be formed to punish the guilty. Hope better sense prevail and the medical fraternity is respected on their judgement to save women and the law intervenes only when it is necessary!

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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