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Friday, December 1, 2023
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Does cell phone radiation kill birds?

It would not be an exaggeration to say that in the era of growing modern mobiles and the waves emanating from the towers are working to woo these birds.

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Till about a decade ago, in the courtyard of trees and plants, different types of birds have easily seen chirping, but now they are reduced to the pages of books only. There will be no one who has not looked at the birds’ nests in childhood and has not shown keenness to see them and has not tried to catch them. Everything is changing in the changing environment. In the courtyard of the house of these birds, Twitter has reduced in the morning. People used to get up early in the morning only after hearing the melodious sounds of these birds. Till a decade ago, there were a large number of birds. Many types of birds used to chirp in the house courtyard such as birds, parrots and cuckoos. People of different types of dialect liked the people very much. But over time the number of birds has remained nominal. These birds are seen flying in the sky but now only in limited numbers as compared to earlier. The ears now yearn to hear the sweet chirping sounds of birds. The birds’ tweeting, fidgeting from one house to another in search of food, filling their stomachs with dried grains on the roof and the sweet killers of these birds used to resonate in the courtyard. But now these birds are not seen far and wide.

The laying of mobile towers is also a major reason for the declining bird population. Radiations emanating from them are very deadly for birds. Until today, ten-fifteen years ago, the mobile towers were not so large, due to which birds of many species were seen in the sky, but in recent times, mobile towers and the increased radiation from them have caused troubles to the lifeless creatures are facing. However, in this scorching heat, animals and birds also rarely come out. Where animals stay in their den, birds also reduce tweeting in the sky, but these days the tweet of birds is not heard and the variance of birds in the sky is also less visible now. Various mobile companies have installed towers at various places. Hazardous radiation from these towers propagates in the atmosphere. Due to this reason, people get the benefit of telecommunication services, but these waves are quite fatal for birds. This has a direct effect on these birds and this is also the reason for their disappearance. Birds are dying in the fire of death. This trend is getting faster due to which the chirping of these birds is decreasing.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that in the era of growing modern mobiles and the waves emanating from the towers are working to woo these birds. Not only this, due to the dangerous waves emanating from these towers, human beings are moving towards serious diseases. Due to the effect of radiation generated by the waves of mobile towers, not only animals and birds are also having bad effects on human skin. These harmful waves are affecting the body skin as well as the body parts and birds of crow, cuckoo, parrot, sparrow species are disappearing due to the effect of these waves. The study says that mobile radiation can also lead to loss of fertility, cancer, brain tumour and miscarriage after a long time. Our body is 70 per cent water. Up to 90 per cent of the water in the brain is also there. This water gradually absorbs body radiation and is very harmful to health going forward. Even according to a WHO report last year, there is a possibility of moving from mobile to cancer. Interphone study said that the use of mobiles for half an hour or more every day increases the risk of brain tumours by 200-400 per cent in 8-10 years.

The nervous system is also affected by the fertility of birds due to the intensity of radiation. Apart from this, the sparrow’s fertility has also been affected due to rapid natural changes. For this reason, they have started becoming extinct. Elderly elders say that due to environmental pollution, biodiversity is dying out. Due to the disintegration of the garden and the problem of diet, an adverse environment has arisen for these birds to live. Due to the destruction of the forest, even animals are not able to get a place to live. People have started building houses till the banks of the rivers. If the condition remains the same, then birds of many other species will become extinct in the next ten years. The extinction of small birds by the magnetic wave of mobile towers cannot be ruled out as having a major impact on the efficiency of agricultural production. The rule in putting up such towers has been laid on hold. In densely populated areas, there is a provision to erect towers at a distance of at least two hundred meters, but dozens of towers have been installed in many villages across the country amid the dense population. Significantly, vultures and eagles were seen hovering in the sky earlier. If the dead animal was found thrown, then these birds used to gather in large numbers and upon seeing the dead animal was eaten and wiped out. But due to environmental pollution and adverse environment, a crisis occurred in their lives. The reason is that now the public lands of throwing dead animals out in the open are over.

Therefore, due to lack of food, these birds have become doomed to die. This is more or less the condition of sparrows, pigeons and crows. We should forget that these birds also play an important role in keeping the environment balanced. They provide us with food, medicines, fertilizers and melodious songs. They are also a major reason for pollination. Along with this, they are also used as various sources of entertainment and they also help us in bio-control by destroying harmful crop pests. Therefore, we need to protect them and reduce the threats of technology on them.

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