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Donald Trump: A strong Presidential contender with an ‘anti-Muslim’ Image

Donald Trump, a man who mocked India and strongly against Muslims, is a contender for the Presidential post in United State of America. He is liked by the staunch right-wingers of India because of his anti-Muslim stand, and communal ideology. Trump is bashing China, lashing out at Mexico, announcing his plan that how he will carpet bomb ISIS hideouts in the Middle East. At a campaign event in Muscatine, Iowa, Trump’s speech was interrupted by a couple of protestors holding up a banner reading “STOP HATE.” As he was being escorted out, Trump played to the gallery. India is home to some 21 million Sikhs, about 90% of the entire global population of the religion’s members. News of the Sikh protestor’s eviction made news in India, but only fleetingly. There is an even larger constituency in India that will worry greatly about Trump’s pronouncements: Muslims. India has about 170 million Muslims — more than the combined populations of Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. India is looking for strong American president who can create hatred against Muslims at large. So for them, he is the perfect choice as Presidential candidate for America.

He is the one who defeated 16 top political leaders of his party to become the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has said that he does not consider himself as powerful and is fighting for survival. Trump is a businessman, politician, television personality, author, and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Trump is the Chairman and President of The Trump Organization, as well as the founder of the gaming and hotel enterprise Trump Entertainment Resorts.

He is the son of New York City real estate developer Fred Trump and he worked for his father’s firm, Elizabeth Trump & Sons, while attending college. After graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968, he joined the company and in 1971 was given control, later renaming it The Trump Organization. He has since built casinos, golf courses, hotels, a New York City neighbourhood, and other real estate properties, many of which bear his name. Trump and his businesses, as well as his three marriages, have received prominent media exposure. He hosted The Apprentice, a popular NBC reality show, from 2004 to 2015.

Trump first campaigned for the US Presidential candidate in 2000, and withdrew before any votes were cast, but afterwards won two Reform Party primaries. On June 16, 2015, he again announced his candidacy for president, as a Republican. Trump became known for his opposition to illegal immigration, his opposition to various free-trade agreements that he regards as unfair, his frequently non-interventionist views on foreign policy, and his proposal to temporarily ban foreign Muslims from entering the United States until Congress can determine how to address Islamic terrorism. Trump quickly emerged as the front-runner for the Republican nomination. His controversial remarks have inspired protests both opposing and supporting him.

On May 3, 2016, after winning 28 contests in the 2016 Republican presidential primaries and after his penultimate remaining Republican rival, Ted Cruz, suspended his campaign, Trump was declared by Republican Chairman Reince Priebus to be the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Trump’s final remaining Republican rival, John Kasich, suspended his campaign the next day. Trump, who is between the two persons to succeed Obama as the most powerful individual of the world next January, but he does not consider himself as powerful.

Politico reported that Trump has signed up veteran political strategist and pollster Tony Fabrizio. He is also giving final shape to various committees that would raise funds for him. One of the committees formed in association with the Republican National Committee and State Units would be able to accept maximum cheques of at least USD 136,100 per person. Another committee would be able to accept cheques of at least USD 69,500 per person, Politico reported.

A leader who is not only active but also very interactive on social media, he is bold and frank in putting his thoughts forward. Most Indians — about a sixth of the world’s population — have never heard of Donald Trump. However, that may be about to change, at least a little.

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