Friday, July 30, 2021
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Don’t shift the blame of BMC

Hit where it hurts and celebrity RJ Malishka’s video on potholes in the city has shaken the authorities but it is a fact that the city was unprepared for the monsoons going by water logging and depleted condition of roads all across the city. But the entire blame cannot be put on BMC and civic authorities as Mumbai is going through a transformation with infrastructure activities happening over a war footing basis. The metro work is happening in full swing and other work on overhead bridges and construction activities is going on which is making life difficult for all. Today’s pain would be tomorrow’s gain and Mumbai will have one of the best public infrastructure in future. Yes, people are facing difficulty today but this can be minimized by proper planning. Private companies should be roped in to fill potholes post midnight when there is less traffic. Maintaining city’s infrastructure is an collective responsibility of the government and citizens. People too should participate in cleanliness drives by keeping their cities clean as hygiene environment prevents various diseases. Also, people living in glass homes should not throw stones at others by respecting laws of the place.

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