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Dreams do come true

Mumbai city, my city. I am sure almost everyone will connect with the first sentence. This city gives you both pleasure and pain as each new day brings out different challenges with time. Thousands of people migrate to the metropolis in search of job opportunities, and many have settled here as they have secured employment. Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India, generating employment opportunities for all. For some the stay in this city can be miserable as they struggle to make ends meet, and for others it is fun as they enjoy life in its true sense. This place is such that it will give you so many hopeful dreams to achieve, but then beware there is tough competition to face.

The line ‘Mumbai is a city that never sleeps’ is true as the city is also famous for its nightlife and glamorous Bollywood industry. But then there are certain things which really frustrates the mind like say molestation, callous attitude of the authorities regarding civic issues, over-crowded trains (commuters almost hanging out of the train on their daily commute to work), I don’t-care-attitude when your little help can make a huge difference to that person, etc as the list is endless. There are indeed too many issues which needs attention.

Actually, the metropolis always will encourage you to fulfil all dreams but you need to put in the required efforts, and right attitude to achieve them. Mumbai city is so full of vibrant energy that even when you’re feeling low; it can revive that drooping spirit. Well there are many different kind of people you will come across daily, some are kind-hearted, some mean, some stern and some easy-going. But then it all depends on your interaction and how you deal with them. Also there are people who cheat for money, revenge but it depends upon your luck and whether you are clever enough to know their true colours before it’s too late.

There are places in the world where innumerable restrictions are imposed upon citizens but Mumbai is not like that. Not that my city doesn’t have any, it does have its own rules and regulations but the place and people are open-minded, (some give a damn for the rules and just go on with their ‘chalta-hai’ attitude). For me, words fall short to describe what this metropolis is and what it means to its residents. There is something really amazing about this place, some crazy feeling to live the day as it comes. It is no surprise for me that Mumbai city is popularly known as ‘Sapno ki nagari’ or ‘Sapno ka shaher as it indeed gives you the power to fulfil all those dreams which you have dreamed.

Glenes Buthelo

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