Home Sports England paid price for goalline technology: Capello

England paid price for goalline technology: Capello


Russia manager Fabio Capello harked back to his former incarnation as England boss and Frank Lampard`s controversial disallowed goal against Germany at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The Italian was moved to reflect on the calamitous decision for England after France made history at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Sunday with the aid of goalline technology.

Les Bleus became the first team in international football to be awarded a goal using a high-tech camera system.

The GoalControl system, ironically manufactured by a German company, was introduced in large part as a result of the Lampard controversy in Bloemfontain.

The Last 16 game four years ago was finely poised at 2-1 for Germany, who after the valid goal was disallowed went on to crush England 4-1.

Capello observed ruefully: “FIFA has changed things.

“I was with England, everyone knows, all the experts know, that from 2-1 to 2-2 what a great difference that is.

“This helped the case of technology but we (England) paid the price for the technology that is out there now.”

France`s goal helped them to a 3-0 win over Honduras.

Karim Benzema`s strike cannoned back off the inside of an upright across the goal at Porto Alegre`s Beira-Rio Stadium.

Honduras goalkeeper Noel Valladares tried to scoop it clear but the GoalControl system signalled the ball had crossed the line prompting Brazilian referee Sandro Riccio to whistle for a score.

GoalControl consists of seven high-speed cameras, each capable of taking 500 pictures a second, trained on each goal in the World Cup games.

Capello was speaking on the eve of Tuesday`s Group H clash with South Korea.