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Etiquettes: A Mirror to all of us-Part I

Etiquette is an important part of everyday life. A person who displays proper etiquette shows respect for himself as well as respect for those around him. The rules of proper etiquette and protocol have been around for years, but they are far more important in this day and age than ever before. Implementing proper etiquette and protocol skills into everyday life should be habit for everyone. After all, a person who displays proper etiquette not only feels good about him, he also makes those around him feel important and respected.

Did you know that an impression is made within the first seven seconds of meeting someone? Seven seconds is an extremely small amount of time, so you must rely on your etiquette skills and social graces to ace that first impression. Obviously, proper etiquette is important in a social setting, but it is crucial in a business setting. In order to achieve business success, you must be able to adapt to ever-changing situations and act with confidence. Displaying proper etiquette will get you noticed and, obviously, being noticed is great for business! For example – There are two people being interviewed for a top position at a large company. One is late and not dressed appropriately. What is more, he makes the mistake of not making eye contact when speaking to the interviewer. But the other prospect is early for the appointment and dressed in a suit. He also makes the effort to be assertive and eager during the interview. Who do you think will be chosen for the top position? The person who displays proper business etiquette will always have the edge in such situations!

Etiquette is a very important factor in determining the success or failure of a business or a person. It is the way a person presents himself to others, being comfortable and making other people around comfortable. It is common for all of us to indulge in activities which we do not tolerate in others. What we dislike in others, we enjoy doing ourselves. An individual who wants to take bold actions may make a mistake now and then. A wise man should only be careful to learn from his mistakes. There is no harm in owning up your mistake when you know you have made one. It is only the small who hesitate to admit their mistakes. It is bad manners to magnify and publicise the mistakes of others and pushing your own under the carpet. According to the great railroad magnet, James J. Hill, “The man who makes no mistakes is either a fool or a coward.”


(This is the first part of the article and the remaining portion will continue tomorrow)

Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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