Home Uncategorized Expert Tips for Shy Brides on How to Choose Seductive Lingerie

Expert Tips for Shy Brides on How to Choose Seductive Lingerie

Expert Tips for Shy Brides on How to Choose Seductive Lingerie

Seductive-LingerieChoose the correct fabric

What fabric you select can play the most important role in your bridal lingerie. Go for fabrics that are seductive, yet very comfortable. Silky satins work the best here. Include some lacy details and trims for an elegant touch. Nets, laces and completely see-through fabrics also work, but I would suggest save them for the honeymoon, when you are a little more comfortable with your husband.

Have fun with styles

You can play around with variety of styles that complement your body type. Longer versions, in more opaque fabrics, are what you should go for if you are very shy. One sure short thing that always works is an elegant nighty set. You can try them in different prints and colours. They provide good coverage and you can play around with slits on the sides or front. They look super cute and sexy with lace trims. You can also experiment with different types of night suits, or cute camisole with shorts in printed satins. Corsets also add to the bedroom play, highlighting your curves just the right way. You can add a frilled skirt for a prettier look and a more playful effect, without being too bold.

Go for the right colour

Let the colours you select define the person you are. You can go for the all-time favourites- hot reds, elegant maroons, cute pinks or mysterious blacks, to play safe. However, my suggestion would be to try and experiment a little here. Try wild orchid shades or an elegant wine for your first night; and for
your honeymoon, you can play with colours like aqua blue or tangy orange.

You can also accessorise!

You can jazz up any simple lingerie with the right accessories, and I am not talking about handcuffs, whips or masks here! But things like body stockings, garter belts, stockings, feather stoles, etc. They do a great deal by providing a little more coverage (and thus, more comfort), yet making the whole ensemble more fun, teasing and flirtatious. Also, do not forget to complete your look with killer high heels and the right make up.

Lingerie shopping is not the ordeal that you thought it to be, is it? There is no need to feel shy and awkward about it, especially now that you are all equipped with the essential tips to choose the perfect ones for yourself!