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Get on with your life

It feels so funny when you think about old memories when you once respected everyone, you cared for many people and even for that special one also. As time goes by, you move along with life. Way back in the 90s people used to remember your help and importance for them, but now it’s turned into a world of ‘agar tere paas maal hai toh sab bolega “bhai tu kamaal hai”. Today money speaks much louder than your words and actions. But that’s life – the best way to live life is to enjoy and care for the people who really deserve your love and care. The best and most trusted people whom you can trust and love are your family members.

When a youngster goes to college, he gets many new friends, clicks pics and selfies with them; with time these friends replace his old school friends. Many people will come and go in your life. The individual can never forget those days when playing with friends every evening gave immense happiness, and a small chocolate would be considered as a prized possession; but the people with whom he developed such cherished memories are no longer valued as dear friends.

One day all the friends close or far will separate from each other; will miss the conversations and the dreams and plans they had. Days will pass by, months and years will go by and slowly those same people just become a contact for you. In future, your children will see the pictures and ask ‘who are these people?’ With a smile and invisible tears you will say ‘It was with these people I spent the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE.

Everyone learns to adjust with the changing situations in life. Enjoy and live life king-size and never look back to think as to why that happened. Don’t think more about it and let it stress your mind. Always remember to keep calm even in the worst of situations because God sends his favourite warrior known as ‘KARMA’. Believe in this mantra that ‘what you sow, so shall you reap’. Hope is the most important aspect of human life, and everyone has certain expectations from one another especially from our friends but only 2-3 real friends will always stand by your side when you need them the most. Also unexpectedly at times some people walk out of your life teaching you the bitter-sweet lessons for a lifetime.

So that’s why get out of your busy life and try to make memorable memories so that when you talk about your past, it should be worth listening. Life is a great gift given by God. Always enjoy each and every moment of it, because time once gone never comes back. Keep up your self-esteem and don’t think about what others/friends have because God has given everyone something special. All are talented. Understand the importance of life and learn to live it in the right spirit by facing every challenge with zest. Summarising everything in one line – ‘this is life – move on with it.

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