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Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part II

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part II

Shia-Sunni War,Donald trump, shia, sunni, war,trump(7)- Pakistan being a Sunni majority country (and Pak former Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif being the Commander of SaAr sponsored Sunni-NATO) will obviously prefer to join the Sunni group but geography is half the politics. Pakistan surrounded by China, Russia, Iran will constrain nuclear Pakistan (de-facto protectorate of China) to remain neutral in this Shia-Sunni war. This will be a huge setback to Sunni group but Pakistan will be able to pacify Sunnis of Pakistan and rest of the Sunni world by saying that China will help/reward it in snatching at-least Muslim Kashmir (if not rest of J&K) from India (otherwise also, as an Indian Veteran General said that a Muslim military officer told him that Shia-Sunni may fight each other but when it comes to Hindus then both will join hands against Hindus).

(8)- This help/reward, China of Shia group can easily provide to neutral Pakistan against India (i)- By igniting entire Indo-China border  (ii)- By giving military support to Pakistan in J&K which will help Pakistan in cutting off J&K from rest of India (iii)- By showing the  militarily snatching of Arunachal Pradesh from India which China claims its territory. China has not forgotten Doklam from where China can easily cut-off entire North-East from India which will make it easy for China to militarily snatch Arunachal Pradesh from India.

[Here it can be mentioned that rest of India otherwise also does not have emotional connect (due to religious and ethnic prejudices) with Kashmir and North-East which leaves very little for local people to desire to be with India]

(9)- Pakistan is pining to dismember India as revenge for 1971 war when India dismembered Pakistan by creating Bangladesh. Hence, snatching Kashmir from India is Pakistan’s ardent desire. Furthermore, in case India is seen very openly playing the game of USA in US-Iran/Shia-Sunni World War and especially in Indo-Pacific theater then China may further reward Pakistan (as part of Doklam thrust) in assimilating Bangladesh back in Pakistan as East Pakistan again.

(10)- Therefore, India, without wasting further time,  should try to solve US-Iran conflict by going to NAME region as given below:-

(i)- The solution to US – Iran problem in Syria, Yemen, etc. in NAME region (where millions of people are bleeding and weeping profusely and where the USA and its allies are complaining that Shia Iran is supporting terrorists and militant trouble makers in Sunni majority areas) is not a rocket science and it can easily be solved by carrying out elections first in Syria under supervision of ‘UN Election Commission’ (UNEC) under secular constitution. India should offer personnel (military and civil in millions whatever needed) for ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) and for UNEC in order to ensure free and fair elections first in Syria.

(ii)- The US-Iran conflict can be resolved by India by offering its nukes for complete denuclearisation. India should demand that the nuclear ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction‘ (WMDs) of all the nuclear powers (five permanent members of UN and India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, etc) should be handed over to UN authorities for ultimate destruction and UN should ensure that no country is able to develop new nuclear WMDs.

(iii)- India should demand that the chronic and gory Israel-Palestine problem should be solved by the one-State solution for both Jews and Palestinians and not through an unjust and mischievous two-State solution.

(11)- This India will be able to do only when first India disarms Pakistan by carrying-out plebiscite in unified J&K after retrieving PoJK (militarily or otherwise) as per ‘Instrument of Accession’ and simultaneously restoring secularism and establishing welfare State (then only Muslim Kashmir and PoJK will opt for India) by recovering Rs 1,000 lakh crore Income Tax from about one million tax evaders where this huge revenue will not only solve all the economic problems of India (which already is in rural distress where tens of thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year) but will also make India a top-class world power economically and militarily.

Therefore, Instead of adopting ostrich approach, India should take active interest rather lead in solving US-Iran conflict as mentioned above; otherwise, it will be too late and difficult for India to hold together if USA succeeds in making India the theatre of Shia-Sunni World War which USA is obviously planning to do through NDAA. However, for these solutions first of all, Indians will have to develop confidence that they can also and are prepared to solve global problems which are not exclusively white man’s burden.

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