Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Good reason for BJP to be rattled

With Lok Sabha election 2019 coming up, the political equations are changing after the Gorakhpur and Phulpur loss for the ruling BJP. In recent times, the public realised vote bank politics and they vote in accordance with issue based politics in each state. After Padmaavat ban in Rajasthan, BJP lost and now in UP and Bihar for a change. The recent wins in the north-eastern states gave boost to BJP and now a setback. However, the ruling party plays its card close to its chest and unveil new strategies before next year. The recent upsets may be temporary as BJP work as a team to unearth their strategic plans in the best way possible. On the other hand, the main opposition, Congress is losing ground and others are doing better. Opposition may consider this as a storm in the tea cup, but the coalition politics in India did not last due to the difference of opinions among the partners and there is always a leadership fight booming up. Congress is not in a position to handle pressure cooker situation and proved a failure so far. It is a changing phase and BJP would tighten all its screws before the deadline and emerge as the single largest party with a thumping majority. Like Padmaavat reactions, cow rakshak measures may well be forgotten and just like the Godhra violence. Public memory is short and BJP is having a good reason to be rattled and is having enough time to recover as well.

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