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Government must develop smart villages

Our country needs to develop so that youth can find gainful employment in Government services and private enterprises. The government must work as facilitators. They can contractually employ foreign technicians to impart training to boys and girls. The government can also send meritorious persons to foreign companies to receive on the job training. This is very important because a candidate must be aware about a task for performing it efficiently and maintain quality.

We need to develop smart and self-sustaining villages (at least one hundred) so that mad rush to big metropolitan cities is halted or reduced. For achieving this objective, the central government must urge the rich film stars and cricketers to adopt villages. Those who do accomplish this task should be recognized and rewarded. The government must provide financial assistance to farmers, artisans and weavers so that they can earn their livelihood and don’t have to migrate to cities in search of employment. Often farmers migrate to cities when villages witness drought. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pitched for a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Modi expressed his dissatisfaction over nations which play vital role in the peacekeeping don’t have a say in the decision making process.

Few days back a 25-year-old employee of an IT firm riding pillion with her husband was killed after their scooter skid on a pothole on an east Bengaluru flyover. In another incident, the Thane police have booked a woman for rash driving and causing death by negligence after her mother, who was riding pillion with her on a scooter, fell when she failed to manoeuvre around potholes and died during treatment. Thus steps must be taken by the civic body to fill the potholes and maintain the roads to avert accidents.

Government must buy land overseas, wherever available and ask our entrepreneurs to move out and set up industries, services and agriculture there. Ethiopia, Fiji, African countries, Surinam, Reunion island etc; are the places we need to go. Recently, I met a company who are developing port at Reunion Island to operate four fishing vessels. Silent and sincere effort brings fruit instead of unwanted publicity.

Primary health care and population control measures should be intensified. Often, I have mentioned in my previous articles that the government should set up outlets in major ports of India so that Ayurvedic and Unani medicines are available to seafarers. Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri’s eldest son Anil Shastri has sought the de-classification of files relating to the death of his father in Tashkent in 1965. Netizens are angry with Anil and questioned the timing of his demand. Why are people discussing about Shastri’s death and not his consensus building abilities, honesty and sincerity?

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