Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Grooming for career

It is indeed a boon for students getting proper exposure for final year students for getting suitable internship and also proper training for attending job interviews. The students are getting proper exposure through summer intern which gives an access to corporate culture. It is indeed make or break situation for the students in Mumbai and they must make use of the opportunities available in the best way possible.  The methodical training and proper grooming all put students in the driver’s seat to just switch on the ignition and run the vehicle in the smoothest way possible.  The confidence level of the students is at an all-time high and that in turn help during the interviews to perform better. Colleges in Mumbai mould you to make use of the opportunities available in a better way. After all grooming is the part of the college curriculum but it is up to the student to create a big break with the feedback given by colleges and make use of the opportunities in the best way possible and become successful.

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