Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Harbhajan staking wrong claim

It is strange of ex-Indian cricketers poking their nose on the eve of a test series and trying to score a brownie point as did by Harbhajan Singh.  He accumulated wickets when there was no strict stricture on “chucking” and escaped with minor rehabilitation process not once or twice but three times.  Again, when there was no DRS, Harbhajan got another bag of wickets with excessive appealing when Indian umpires were officiating. Now, he has commented that this is the weakest Australian team to visit India. The media is giving the Monkeygate episode man unnecessary importance even though he is in no way connected to Indian cricket. The Australian side is having a long tail and even Mitchel Starc can score some runs in the end. Nathan Lyon is a class cricketer and plays well in all the conditions and not accumulating wickets on tailor made tracks. Why Singh is making a mockery of the game by issuing silly comments only to show that he was the greatest spinners of all time. It is time for media not to refrain from posting such comments in sports page to underestimate a strong opponent. It is shameful to share opinions to belittle our own players.

C.K. Ramani 

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