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Haryana CM Khattar denies ‘no jeans’ diktat for school teachers


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday denied that his government has issued a directive to school teachers in the state asking them not to wear jeans to work.

“No, there is no such order that has been issued by the state government. And, if someone has said anything like this, then we take it back, but no such thing has happened,” said Khattar.

As per the order issued by the office of the Director of elementary education, the district education officers have been asked to ensure that teachers do not wear jeans when they go to school or to the office of the education department.

While the four-line order said wearing jeans to work was not appropriate and the teachers should wear formal clothes, it did not attribute any particular reason for it.

According to reports the order reads, “It is observed that teachers of primary and middle schools come to schools wearing jeans. Further, they come to the office of the education department wearing jeans, which is not appropriate. Kindly ensure that teachers wear formal clothes in schools and not jeans.

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