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Hillary Clinton is a ‘Devil’: Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has branded his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as a “devil”.

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Trump used this extreme characterisation of Clinton when speaking about the decision of Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont to support her in the election. “He (Sanders) made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil,” Trump alleged.

In his rallies, Trump for the past several weeks has been using the word “crooked” against her.

“His people are angry at him, and they should be. If he would have not just done anything, gone home, go to sleep, relax, he would have been a hero. But he made a deal with the devil. She’s the devil,” Trump said at a rally in Pennsylvania.

Of late Trump has been using this new characterisation of Clinton quite frequently. “Bernie blew it. He sold his soul to the devil,” Trump said in Colorado on Friday.

A few days earlier, he accused Sanders of “selling out to the devil” by having endorsed Clinton. Trump also said Clinton is as “crooked as a three-dollar bill”.

“I’m putting up money to run my campaign. When you see that Clinton, crooked Hillary, crooked — she’s crooked as a three-dollar bill, let me tell ya. She is crooked,” he said.

“Hillary Clinton is weak and she is ineffective and there is no way you can allow four more years of this stuff to go on. There’s just no way in my opinion,” he said.

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