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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Hope my kids grow up to understand value of service: Hrithik

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Hrithik Roshan says of all the values he wants his sons to imbibe while growing up, understanding the importance of one’s contribution to the society tops the actor’s wish list.

As a father of Hrehaan (11) and Hridhaan (nine), Hrithik is a hopeful parent.

“Sometimes at home, during breakfast time, when I am sitting at the table with my two young boys, I look at them and think to myself that 20 years from now, what do I want them to grow up to be? While there are different pictures in my head, I also think what will success mean to them. What values will they uphold and which virtue will they hold highest?

“I am discovering a father’s hopes and desires for his children. But among all those, one value that I want them to have, which I believe is the most important one is of contribution,” the 43-year-old actor said here.

The Bollywood star was speaking at the 43rd Giants Convention Awards, where he was the guest of honour.

Hrithik said contribution to the society helps “bring about a positive change” in the society.

“… (It) is the most noble thing and is one that brings us to God. So, I sit at the breakfast table looking at them (his children), thinking whether they will understand the magic and the beauty of contribution and service,” he said.

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