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Hope Narendra Modi realises what Indian women want from him

As soon as his post surfaced on Twitter, a wave of concern gripped Narendra Modi’s followers. His staunch supporters and the others were making fun and it was all sorts of mixed response. People wrote on Twitter about their disapproval of Modi leaving social media. In an hour, the tweet was re-tweeted for hundred thousand times. Very soon the micro blogging site was seen trending with #NoSir #NoModiNoTwitter tags. Some women went to the extent of making videos while crying and asking him to stay on social media because without him, their lives have no charm. There was unlimited madness from all sides. Prime Minister Modi is presently active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and he is followed by millions of people globally. Interestingly Modi is the first Indian to cross 50-million followers on Twitter. While this melodrama was at its peak, he broke the overnight suspense over his announcement that he would consider giving up his social media accounts on Sunday, March 8, by tweeting that he would be handing over his accounts to “inspiring women”. March 8 is international Women’s Day. This is the first time that the Prime Minister would be giving access to his social media accounts for such a campaign. The question here is whom will he choose? Whomsoever he chooses, that lady would be completely under his control or might be his staunch admirer.

I am sure he will never be inspired by Swara Bhaskar or Barkha Dutt or those women who dare to speak against him and the governance. Many were suggesting Jasoda Ben, his isolated wife to be given that opportunity. Some even went to suggest the name of BJP leader Smriti Z Irani. Well! Whosoever it could be, but that lady would be from one of his mutual admiration group. The women who go into constructive criticism or who dare him for his wrong policies and decisions should not even try to impress him because the opportunities are already locked. They will not be getting any remote mention in his “Mann Ki Baat” too. He likes all those people who are his blind followers one like the lady who asked for his shawl and she was immediately gifted with the same. The story hit the headlines for few days, then the same woman was questioned in conspiracy of doctored videos of JNU incidence. Later on, it was exposed that the lady is very close aid of Smriti Z Irani. There are many such incidences from giving media interviews to calling celebrity women for feast, he chooses all those women who are either his support group or making some difference to his political fate.

You will never see any critic or the one who is not in his admiration club. He has never shown that gut or dare to involve with the other side of his followers who are not against him, but they have millions of questions they want PM to be accountable to various promises made. They can dare to have open dialogue other than just praising him from start to end. These are the same women who vote for his victory but would stand against him as voter of this country but not as opposition or enemy. But to see and judge all this Modi’s social media group should allow him to open his eyes. And he himself should indulge in dialogue with these women because they want something constructive beyond praises.

Women have overwhelmingly supported Narendra Modi, 46 per cent women had voted for the BJP and its allies, 27 per cent for the Congress and 27 per cent for other parties, some exit polls made these revelations. If you witness his social media support group, there is very strong woman base that the men and these women not only promote BJP and Modi’s agenda, but they heavily take on those people who slightly go against him, they are all like worries. They bring war like situation if some trend goes against Modi or some exchange dialogues that go against the interest of Modi and BJP. This social media support group comprises many educated women from all strata. Again, the question here is who is inspiring Modi among this group?? Hardly anyone, because they are just supporters but not celebrities. Modi’s announcement considering renouncing his social media accounts. Speculations ranged from this being a curtain raiser for an India specific, “Weibo”-like platform to a social media detox campaign after a rash of dangerous rumours swirling during the riots in Delhi. Modi will hand over his social media accounts months after facing criticism over a series of high-profile rape cases.

He asked people to share entries of such women using the hashtag #SheInspiresUs which became the top trending topic on Twitter about an hour after he posted his tweet. His support for the March 8 event came after he faced flak for failing to check violence against women following a series of rape cases late last year that triggered mass protests. In November, a 27-year-old vet was raped, suffocated and her dead body set alight on the outskirts of the southern city of Hyderabad. Another rape victim was set on fire and killed by a gang of men including her alleged rapists in December. In the same month, a court sentenced a former lawmaker from Modi’s ruling party to life imprisonment for raping a teenager. These cases highlighted India’s grim record of sexual violence against women despite enacting some of the world’s toughest laws after the gang rape of a Delhi student on a bus in December 2012 which sparked global outrage. One woman reported a rape every 15 minutes on an average in India in 2018, according to government data released in January. To come to power in 2014, he came up with a slogan “Beti Bachao” save girl child, but in reality, the crime against women is on rise since he has taken over the power.

Women’s Day is celebrated to recognise women for their achievements not at a personal level but for womanhood. It is a day when ladies from all nations, ethnicity, culture, political and economic background come together to increase awareness about women rights and break the stereotypes. Not always was there a need to step up for this day, but the world first became a Man’s world when humans began relying on agriculture for their survival. Prior to that, women in all religions and cultures were respected as equal counterparts. Certain segment of society still today has set ideas of gender roles and how we expect men and women to dress, behave and present themselves. As this continues to happen, we often forget that we still continue to personify nature as “Mother Nature” – A woman. This Women’s day is my shout out to women community to join hands to break the stereotypes. This is the day where everyone should stand and resist the brutality by giving the social media account to a so-called woman who inspired him at large, who is already pre-decided and this all event is to introduce her, will not help the women who is victim of atrocities by all means. We don’t want this stunt, we want rapists to be punished, we want violence to be controlled, we want atrocities to be addressed, we want to be safe in our mother land and we want our basic rights. Instead of giving social media account to selective choices, he would give confidence and assurance to woman of India.


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