Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Howler at Nagpur

Field umpires in India are given freehand despite failing at the altar with couple of blunders in each game, which ultimately helped Team India win in the final analysis. Howler at Nagpur played spoil sport as India skipper Virat Kohli got an early reprieve from a LBW decision and at the same time Joe Root was done in with a wrong decision to provide a big breakthrough for Team India. Perhaps, the Indian umpires need to have a thorough eye test before each season to find out whether they are capable enough to stand in a day game with spectacles. So Indian umpires in One day and T-20 games play a pivotal role in helping home team achieve facile wins. By refusing an appeal against Kohli and granting Root out reveals the real approach of the umpire and it is shameful indeed.  To err is human but erring at crucial moments of a match is just favouritism. Therefore, a reprieve and a breakthrough were enough to satisfy the board and the capacity crowd and that really spoils the ethics in the role of an umpire. Howler at Nagpur should be an eye opener so that atleast a fair result can be achieved in matches played in India. It is my clarion call.

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