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Improve the quality of school education

The government must identify good teachers and conduct their annual peer review. There is lack of teachers in marine filed therefore students score badly in examinations. The primary education is not up to the mark in our country and there is lack of teachers in schools. There is inadequate power and water supply in school. No first aid arrangement is available in schools. In rural areas, children often attend schools as they are provided mid-day meals. Cooked meals should not be served to children and instead biscuit packets should be offered to them. During our school days, we used to get powdered milk and “bheega chana”. I have noticed that young boys from Gujarat, UP and Bihar are poor in English. Steps must be taken to hire good English teachers to teach students so that they can gain command over this language.

Students must be taught practical work like welding, carpentry to enable them to gain proficiency. They should be introduced to solar power, wind power, pumps, motors, engines to broaden their knowledge in mundane affairs. Universities must have industry interface. During our primary school days, we used to sit on four mat, write on wooden “takhtis ” and ” narkul pens and “khadiya”. The quintessential chalk used by us has now been replaced by white board markers. If youth are provided better education and training then it will pave way for our nation’s development.

Our country is progressing well on all fronts. We are avoiding direct conflagration inspite of great provocation from Pakistan. If we wage a war against them then it will prove to be destructive and will claim several innocent lives on both sides. Even in the given hostile situation, we must not abandon negotiations to arrive at a mutually agreed settlement for peace and progress. Some television channels needlessly run provocative programmes indulging in loud talks that will further deteriorate ties between India and Pakistan.

Government is taking steps to improve electric power supply. We should not hesitate to seek assistance from foreign technicians to improve efficiency. We should be pragmatic and learn from the developed countries. On the other hand, there has been a sharp rise in our nation’s population. The government must take steps to curtail rising population. They must take urgent steps to address this issue at the earliest. State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote said that a family must only own a single car to ease congestion on roads. Raote also appealed to citizens to opt for public transport for avoiding traffic jams on roads. The government must enforce this rule strictly and not merely issue statements.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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