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Indian boy, 7,falls to death from 13th floor in Sharjah

In a tragic incident, a seven-year- old Indian boy has died after falling from a thirteenth-floor apartment in Sharjah and his parents have been taken into custody on suspicion of negligence.

The Indian boy, identified as K.Gh.J., reportedly fell from the apartment’s balcony.

Following the tragedy, the child’s parents have been taken into custody, police said.

The parents are being questioned on suspicion of negligence because the child had been playing in the flat and had been climbing in and out on to the balcony, a Sharjah Police official told Gulf News.

The police operation room received a call around 9am (local time) yesterday from eyewitnesses who reported the boy’s fall, the official said.

The body of the child was moved to Al Kuwaiti Hospital and then to the forensic laboratory. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing and Sharjah Police are questioning witnesses, the daily said.

Recently, in response to similar tragedies, Colonel Sultan Al Khayal, Director of Media and Public Relation Department at Sharjah Police, warned parents not to leave their children unattended at home and to instruct housemaids to keep a close watch on them. Sultan Al Khayal, The tragedy is the latest in a series of fatal falls of children from high-rise apartment blocks across the UAE within the last year.

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