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IOC chief urges total review of world anti-doping system

Olympics chief Thomas Bach called for a complete overhaul of the global anti-doping system after revelations of state-backed cheating by Russia rocked preparations for the Rio Games.

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In a surprise broadside, Bach said the uncovering of widespread Russian doping had shown up deficiencies in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“Recent developments have shown that we need a full review of the WADA anti-doping system,” Bach told an International Olympic Committee (IOC) session, three days before the Rio Games open on Friday.

“The IOC is calling for a more robust and efficient anti-doping system,” he added. “This requires clear responsibilities, more transparency, more independence and better worldwide harmonisation.”

Bach’s condemnation of WADA escalates a feud between the Olympics and anti-doping bodies which broke out in the runup to Rio.

WADA led calls for Russia to be kicked out of the Rio Olympics after it published a report which found the sports ministry and secret services duped drug testers by switching samples at laboratories.

But the IOC stopped short of a total Russian ban and instead delegated individual sports to take action against athletes from the country, drawing accusations it was passing the buck.

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