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Isolate and Bleed Pakistan! Smash terror camps.

One more terror attack in Pulwama, J&K, on February 14, 2019, and this one is very dastardly and bloodiest since 2011 claiming the innocent lives of not less than 45 CRPF Jawans and injuring many. A dreaded Jaish terrorist rammed his SUV which was fully laden with IED explosives of about 300 KGS into a bus carrying the CRPF jawans.

I want to ask, what sort of security system we have at the Indo-Pak border sites and how come the terrorists keep on infiltrating into our territory with heavy arms and ammunition so often? Almost every day, we read at least 2-3 terrorists entering parts of J&K and encounters by our forces happening every day. One should certainly not question the incompetence of our army men and border security forces, but why don’t we have a fool-proof system to stop complete infiltration of terrorists and to shoot them down across the border? How are these terrorists able to reach all the way up to our army base and barracks? In the latest attack in Pulwama, how did the IED explosives loaded SUV manages to cross over the border to target the convoy?

These terrorists don’t bother about their lives. They are “fidayeens” (suicide bombers) and come with a mission and know very well that they will be ultimately killed. However, what concerns me the most is that why the lives of our army men, security forces, policemen should be sacrificed and lost in the process and their families left in the lurch and to fend for themselves?

Today, Pakistan is emboldened by the support from China which has still not declared Pakistan as a terror state and JeM terrorist Mazood Azhar as a dreaded terrorist.

But then, a full-fledged war is certainly not a solution still, as it will lead to severe catastrophic results and even if Pakistan can be completely demolished.   No, No! We should not go for a war now! Pakistan is isolated, desperate, fanatic, and mad with all its internal problems! A war with India is the only way to distract the public attention and to untie them! Further, the Pakis will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons that can do a lot of damage to India! India is progressing and has become a force to reckon with, in the eyes of the world. So, we cannot forgo the economic success for a few loss of lives, although tragic and painful!

Dear PM Modiji, enough of talks and escalating the PAK terror matter in the UN and so on. High time you must teach a severe lesson by completely Isolating the terror-nation. As I have maintained several times, we should have NO cultural, bilateral ties, no trade and commerce, transport and sports, no diplomatic relations, no peace talk, no photo-ops at the TAJ and so on. To begin with, hit the nation where it would hurt. Stop water supply and bleed Pakistan.

High time to stop this proxy war which has been going on for decades and in which we have lost number of lives of our jawans than we otherwise would have lost in a conventional war! It’s now or never. Let’s not keep twiddling our thumbs still, but go for actions and prove that India is not an impotent nation! Remember that we have lost the lives of 45 brave hearts just in a day!

Above all, at least now, will the media and the pseudo journos are totally impartial and the opposition support the government and stop sympathising and appeasing the “stone pelters” and “separatists”? Smash those “insiders” and PAK sympathisers. Smash the terror camps for once and for all. Don’t even have a soft corner for the “locals” who provide logistical support to the terrorists.

Above all, ask all those netas (especially the spokespersons and ‘traitor’ leaders of opposition parties) to keep their mouth shut and indulge in precipitating the matter and in blame games. TV channels must stop giving importance to these netas.

It’s high time to think “India first” (and not become traitors like some elite politicians). At all cost each and every politician, leader and the countrymen of this nation must maintain unity. This is the need of the day.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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