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It’s time to shun moral policing

Everyone has the right to live life the way they want to. Though all of us have different views and perception on how we should live life but it really gets on our nerves when someone or a particular section of people object to our lifestyle and thinking. I don’t understand why they should have a problem if girls are comfortable wearing short dresses and skirts or if a couple hold hands while walking or if a group of friends have a late-night party. Well the very oft-given answer is that ‘we are protecting you from the western evil culture’ or ‘this is wrong so don’t do it’. But who are these people to tell us what we should do and what not? Term it moral-policing or whatever, it is certainly not right to expect this generation to follow the old-fashioned ideology and adhere to random rules made in the name of ‘protection against western culture’.

Agreed to the fact that we Indians are partly influenced by the West but we completely do not follow them as we know where to draw the line. We are living in an independent country but it is certainly not free from regressive mentality. Why to blame girls when men should be taught that they should always respect the feminine gender irrespective of whatever outfit she has worn?There are many cases of moral-policing in India, which have come in the limelight and have received public attention. What happens is that when the topic is hot then everyone raises a hue and cry, discusses about it and after sometime it isforgotten. Why can’t people here live and let live? Just take the Gauhar Khan slapgate incident, the accused had no right to physically assault her for whatever reason. His act certainly cannot justify his reasons. Well, if you feel that maybe because she is celebrity, the incident got the media-hype then what about college students who have to adhere to the strict dress codes? Then what is the difference between college and school life if these colleges have to follow a particular dress code?

Along with moral policing, why do these people have to get violent? I am sure they don’t follow any Gandhian principles, but they are on a mission to ‘save us’. And probably their minds may not be stable as they have problems with everything that this generation does. All of us are sensible enough to know the difference between right and wrong, how to dress at which occasion, etc.then why do these groups (self-claimed ‘protectors’ of our society) try to end what this generation has created?Certainly the youth won’t obey and tolerate all this crap and will surely retaliate, be it in any form protests or rallies. But do you think that’s the right and permanent solution to the problem? No it will just aggravate the already existing chaos. The government should step in and take the right action before a very serious law and order situation arises.

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