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Jallikattu: A dangerous sport

People from other states are not thrilled much about the most dangerous sport of Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu, one of the oldest exciting and dangerous sports is a bull taming sport performed in the villages during Pongal celebrations. Jallikattu or Manju Virattu is a bull taming game and deaths are common in this sport. A wrong hit of bull on a wrong part of human body results in death or injurious the participants or the onlookers rather seriously. This is one of the oldest dwelling sports glimpsed in the modern era. The fighters have to do is to jump on the running bull, try to grip on to its bulge and move along with the animal without falling or getting injured. It need quick reflex and a fleet foot to tame the recalcitrant bull, which will try to get away, shake off the fighter and, at times, stamp or gore the fallen participants. It is time to ban the sport.

Nickhil Mani

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