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Kanhaiya Kumar a New Brand in upcoming politics

After spending more than three weeks in custody over sedition charges, when JNU students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar was back in JNU, it was a celebration. Students were all excited to meet him, Media was all set with its camera, moreover many TV anchors beeline to have word with him, it was spontaneous. With his 55 minutes fiery speech on ‘Azaadi’, he won the hearts of many in the country because his wonderful speech interlaced with humour and salient truths!  But there was a certain section that abhors him. There was anger in some ideological people, there was felling of insult and humiliation in some people. BJP and RSS were much more hurt as his direct attack was on them. We all know why BJP and Modi supporters are called Bhakts’ they madly follow their party, politicians and ideology, keeping all senses closed. This is the reason, in one of the many threats that we assume will come his way, a Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) leader has announced a ‘prize’ of Rs 5 lakh for cutting off the tongue of Kanhaiya Kumar. Meanwhile, in another instance, posters have appeared near the Delhi Press Club in which Kanhaiya has been dubbed as a traitor. The poster also threatens to eliminate him and offers a reward of Rs 11 lakh to anyone who would kill him.

Yes, he can be killed or murdered, Indian politics has very less tolerance and they hate when people are intelligent to expose their motives. Kanhaiya criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying his administration was increasingly using its political clout to silence voices of dissent. Which is true to some extent, meanwhile these days Modi waves are fading and there is silent revolt too. How can his supporters afford criticism at this juncture?

What is happening in the country is dangerous,” Kanhaiya Kumar said in an hour-long speech, which has been at the center of debate about free speech in India. “The more you try to silence us, the stronger our voices will grow.” Kanhaiya, who leads the students union at the university, was arrested last month after attending a demonstration dubbed by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party as “anti-national.” The university gathering had been organized to commemorate the 2013 execution of a Kashmiri separatist who was convicted for his role in an attack on India’s Parliament in 2001. Some believe Guru didn’t get a fair trial and was hanged despite gaps in his prosecution.

Rajnath Singh, India’s Home Minister, said videos of students shouting “Anti-India” slogans had surfaced from the event. Kumar was at the event, but denied raising the slogans. He was arrested on allegations of sedition though not formally charged. BJP its police and their lawyers tried its level best to press charges against Kanhaiya but entire series of event boomeranged against the party and they fall flat on face. Critics accuse Modi, a politician with deep Hindu nationalistic roots, of failing to act against some of his right-wing supporters who, emboldened by his election, are pushing a fundamentalist ideology. Kumar peppered his speech with humour as he took on the prime minister. He took on RSS and their ideology too, he spoke on system to police department, he almost exposed everything silently.

Despite the allegations against him he remains optimistic, because he said he has full faith in democracy,” he told an army of supporters gathered to celebrate his release. Then, with the Indian tricolour fluttering above his head, he raised a cry for freedom. Hundreds of voices boomed in unison.

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