Friday, June 18, 2021
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Keep Goa beautiful

Tourism is linked to the environment first, in terms of promoting places of natural beauty and second, in providing resources for the functioning of the industry. In a place like Goa, tourist accommodations for one have large and expensive energy requirements, especially for cooling systems and lighting. To keep Goa beautiful, we must raise public awareness and together make a disciplined, concerted effort to manage the estimated 400 tonnes of waste generated throughout the state every day. Keep Goa Beautiful is an initiative by Goa Streets to mobilise the community and stop this garbage madness. Green Goa Works has accomplished much, but a much greater effort is required to solve the state’s garbage mess. We must remember that Goa is not going to be 100 per cent clean, that is, unless every person takes responsibility and does his bit, we won’t have results. Every citizen should act responsibly and take care of their own garbage. If waste is collected, segregated and disposed off in the right way, half the problem will be solved.

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