Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Kejriwal facing trial

If anything is done in haste and if someone overdo everything he will be in for trouble sometime in his life term.  Arvind Kejriwal after becoming Chief Minister of Delhi with thumping majority still behaves like a school boy and pays heavy price for the same. He was critical about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his tweets were tempting to take legal action against the weird AAP chief. Modi is a man of patience and perseverance and never felt about the insults but bent upon doing work for the nation’s cause all the time and never worried about the verbal abuses. But Jaitley as Finance Minister and an advocate by himself did not give scope for all his pressure tactics but applied pressure on Kejriwal with a defamation case in DDCA case and now he is in soup. Now Arvind Kejriwal and five other AAP leaders are facing defamation case for the false allegations on FM in social media and now face the real test for all his unmindful handling of twitter, facebook and in the media hands for creating bad name to Arun Jaitley. Kejriwal is on the dock for all his misdoings in the last couple of years.

Rugmani Chitra

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