Khadse illegally occupying government bungalow: Galgali


BJP leader and former Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse, who resigned on moral grounds, continues to be in possession of the government bungalow allotted to him as a Minister without seeking any government approvals. The state government in response to an RTI query filed by Activist Anil Galgali provided the information stating that Khadse continues to be in occupation of the government bungalow.

Anil galgali
Galgali had sought information from the government about purported possession of two bungalows by Khadse. The Under Secretary & Public Information Officer Mr S M Dhule informed Anil Galgali that, Ex Minister Eknath Khadse is in possession of only one bungalow namely ‘Ramtek’, which is still not vacated by him and in his possession. Mr Khadse has not been given an extension for stay. This bungalow was allotted to Mr Khadse on 19th November 2014 and admeasuring 8857 sq ft. PIO Mr S M Dhule also provided Galgali with a GR dated 1st March 2014, which states that, a Minister after resigning has to vacate the allotted bungalow within 15 days.

He can occupy the bungalow for a further period of three months after seeking permission from the government. But in such case where government permits the extension of stay, he has to pay a monthly rent of Rs 25/- per sq ft. Moreover, he has to pay extra money for other services provided in the bungalow. But Mr Khadse has not been granted any permission to extend his stay in the bungalow. It was imperative for him to vacate the bungalow on 19th June 2016 as he had resigned on 4th June 2016.

“The government should ensure that the bungalow is immediately vacated by Khadse. It should take action against him for illegal occupation for the extra period demanded,” said Galgali.