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Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat gets hacked, hacker threatens to leak nudes

We all remember the 2014 celeb nude leak streak in which the Hollywood A-listers’ iPhone was hacked and the nudes were leaked online, and once something is up online it’s practically impossible to take it down permanently, there will be somewhere in one dark corner of the internet here it still will be there.

On July 23rd when fans open their Snapchat to see the usual photos of Kylie Jenner but they were outraged to see that someone was threatening to release “nude” pictures of the reality star. The Snap stories read, “Follow for Kylie lipstick,” “RT for her nudes,” and “add for Kylie’s nudes.” The possible release of her nudes may be an empty threat, but Kylie actually has a fair share of intimate videos in her collection. The former couple was “obsessed with filming each other when they dated,” a source tells a leading daily in Hollywood exclusively. “There was barely a moment of their lives that they didn’t capture on their phones, some of which was extremely intimate.”

Let’s just hope the hacker doesn’t actually leak the nudes of this 19-year-old kid.

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