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Lady Gaga criticised over her ‘unrecognisable’ face

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“The X Factor” viewers have gone wild over social media over singer Lady Gaga’s “completely different face” during her performance on the talent based show.

Gaga performed on the show on Sunday night, reports dailymail.co.uk.

Following her performance, fans took to the social media site to question whether Gaga has had a nose job or other surgery to alter her features.

Rather than complementing the 30-year-old’s vocals on her new single “Million reasons”, users slammed her “unrecognisable” looks – with one viewer even branding her an “imposter”.

One Twitter user wrote: “How is that Lady Gaga? She has a completely different face! Who is this imposter?”

Another added: “Are we all not going to say anything about Lady Gaga’s face? I mean she’s had some work done. Or is it just me?”

Another one wrote: “Has Lady Gaga done something to her face? She looks completely different.”

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