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Let this Diwali be noise free

Every year people buy items manufactured in China depriving the local artisans and organisations of the opportunity to prosper. This year we will be buying things from NGO, which works for women empowerment. For a huge society like ours, we are going an extra mile to bring smiles on the faces of artisans and underprivileged.  This way we would like to spread the message “Be Indian Buy Indian”. The residents of Navi Mumbai have decided to celebrate an Eco-lit noiseless Diwali this time. Time and again residents of satellite city have played a positive role in adopting eco-friendly measures during festivals. In the past they had taken initiative of planting trees in the city. They also disposed E-waste to give the city a clean look and there has been reduction in pollution too.

We may feel proud to celebrate noiseless Diwali this year also. Media will play a pivotal role in making people to understand the need for celebrating Diwali with minimal noise pollution. During Ganpati Festival residents had used eco-friendly Ganpati and noise levels were reduced to the minimum.
Noise pollution is a nuisance and there is no doubt about it. It causes innumerable problems during the Diwali festival season. Despite clear cut instructions to reduce noise levels, some citizens burst crackers and create trouble for other residents in the society. In the past noise levels reached a new high thereby creating disturbance for residents. A person exposed to such noise for a long time may turn deaf. Sound pollution affects the brain and prolonged exposure to noise may cause blood vessels to contract, sometimes resulting in hypertension. To add salt to the wound, the thick smog and the poisonous smoke can cause breathing problems for children and elderly persons.

Those who live in cities are affected by several ailments that include vegetative vascular dystonia, heart failure, dyspepsia and headaches. It is better to cover the face while driving a vehicle on a highway. Pollution of any kind causes serious damage to man, animals, birds, aquatic life, crops and vegetation. Since Diwali festival is just round the corner citizens must take steps to reduce noise levels. It is time to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali and people should follow this in true spirit every year. Awareness is already created and so over a period of time people will be in a position to curtail noise pollution to the minimum level and still celebrate festivals with same gusto and enjoyment.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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