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Letters to the Editor: 03 January, 2020

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,SEBI should ease the process of e-voting

The innovative concept of e-voting by the shareholders prior to the commencement of annual general meetings (AGMs) needs a policy based overhaul. Apart from postal ballot and mobile voting, the option of tab voting is now enabled. Hence the shareholders have a wide choice to exercise their right in AGMs through tab voting, e-voting and postal ballot and thus act as major decision making authority in a public listed company.

As per the current norms, the e-voting option is valid only for three calendar days prior to the commencement of AGMs of the company. Thus the share holders have limited window time to exercise their rights through e-voting. Further SEBI and Company’s Act should ease the process of e-voting and should enable up to seven to fifteen days of voting time, to ensure of all category of shareholders exercise their rights. As also listed companies should ensure communication to the shareholders explaining the detailed process of e-voting through extensive awareness across various channels like newspapers, internet, email, sms messages. (apart from the existing practice of communication through AGM notices)

Accordingly the system of postal ballot, an archaic voting method in this era of technological revolution should now be replaced either with e-voting, tab voting or mobile voting. Such a move will otherwise help the listed companies to achieve complete fairness and transparency w.r.t e-voting procedure prior to AGMs ,as mandated by the Company’s Act 2013.

Varun Dambal


Take action against Irfan Habib for mocking Kerala Governor

 It refers to Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan tweeting and giving media-interviews on being heckled by well-known historian Irfan Habib on December 28 at the stage while Arif Mohammed Khan delivering inaugural address at Indian History Congress at Kannur. It was for Kannur (Kerala) Police to take immediate action against Irfan Habib for such unruly behaviour against the person seated on constitutional post of a state-governor.

Even normal speakers other than those seated on constitutional posts cannot be dictated to deliver lectures according to dictates of others even though dictating person may be a renowned personality in his field.

It is beyond understanding why and how historians observed mute silence during Congress regime like on digging a time-capsule with completely distorted facts in front of Red Fort (Delhi) during emergency-era of 1975-77. Unfortunately historians of such style wish to write history according to their own ideology and requirements rather than the real one. India would have an entirely different environment if students from school-age would have been taught history of great Indian freedom-fighters apart from great sacrifices of religious saints including Sikh gurus.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Public spat between Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen unfortunate

The ugly spat between celebrated boxer MC Mary Kom and Kiren Nikhat Zareen was unwarranted. Six time World Champion Mary Kom is a legend in her own right but refusing the customary ‘hand-shake’ and an attempted hug from the losing boxer Nikhat was in bad taste. Underdog Nikhat Zareen is an amazing boxer with potential to dominate boxing in the future and Mary Kom should have shown respect to young talent and all the competitive toughness should be forgotten once the bout gets over.

Olympic qualifiers should be professionally conducted so that there is no bad blood between the aspirants. The best should always get to represent the country and the next best should work hard so that they get a chance to compete in future. The tiff between Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen should not be blown out of proportion and both Boxer’s should upload a happy picture of themselves together on the social media to end their enmity if any.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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