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Letters to the Editor: 04 July, 2019

Punish lynchers

It’s really a heart-wrenching incident that a 24-yr-old named Shams Tabrez was beaten to death mercilessly by a violent mob in Jharkhand. The reason was nothing except that he was a Muslim. I wish the current government take serious action against lynching and mob violence, especially this incident as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may cause eventually a violent society, anarchy, chaos between citizens, and even bloodshed.

Ashfaque qasmi


Strengthen bowling department

The recently concluded India-England match witnessed India’s struggle to outpace the top order batsmen in the initial 20 overs. Despite losing the toss, the favorites did not utilise much of the opportunity available on the steady pitch and thus, the benefit of the doubt was in favour of English batsmen with the run rate exceeding 6 runs per over.

Team India should now focus on getting quicker wickets while bowling first, irrespective of the toss factor. English conditions are a challenge to new age bowlers who haven’t yet set a mark on its soil. Hence, the onus on getting good wickets depends on bowling squad only to reduce the opponent’s mammoth scorecard as witnessed in previous games.

The team has already suffered a major blow with the exit of Shikhar Dhawan owing to injury. As Indian team has already berthed in the semifinals, Indian team now should not be carried away by the mere successive win record in this tournament and should focus highly on strengthening the bowling department, especially when put to field first.

Varun Dambal


Waterlogging! Who is to be blamed for it?

Every year, as the monsoon sets over Mumbai and its suburbs, the same old situation plays out – waterlogging and complete inundation of roads followed by long traffic jams, some which may even result in commuters taking three to four hours to travel a distance of just three kilometres.

This year seemed no different, as the civic officials who said that they were prepared to handle the rains, seemed to have overlooked many areas. The waterlogging as a result of the heavy rain was so severe that the traffic police had to issue advisories on alternate routes to take, recommending that commuters avoid several arterial roads in the city. So, what are the causes of Mumbai’s waterlogging woes and who is to be blamed for it? Only the civic authorities will have an answer to it.

Jubel D’Cruz


Stormwater project has been a flop!

Hundreds of crores of rupees have gone down the drain and the stormwater project has been a big flop in the city. The entire city of Mumbai was dug up for the stormwater exercise which has borne zero results as water failed to pass through the outlets as the entire city was submerged into water. Life came to a standstill and this is very shameful for our civic body which is the richest in the world.

Privatisation of BMC is the need of the hour. Corruption rules roost and taxpayers’ money is siphoned off in the name of development which is missing. Mumbai needs a CEO who should be made responsible and accountable for civic amenities. Disqualification of elected leaders at times of such calamities when the city gets stranded due to poor civic infrastructure would go a long way in improving things in the city!


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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