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Letters to the Editor: 08 January, 2020

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PM Modi should mediate between Iran and US to de-escalate tension 

India is on good terms with both Iran and United States and our PM Modi should mediate between both the nations to de-escalate the tension which has developed after General Qasem Soleimani was killed in a US  drone strike in Iraq. Iran would not take this lying down and they are sure to retaliate in the coming days which would divide the nation on communal grounds which is bad news for world peace.

Top international leaders including PM Modi should initiate a debate and sound sense in the minds of Donald Trump and Iranian leaders. US fights proxy wars from the shores of other nations and they are far away from the action on the ground. Peace begets peace and debates can diffuse any situation while violence only fuels bloodbath.

S.N. Kabra 


Set-up passport collection centers at RPO offices

It is given to understand that Regional Passport Offices across India arrange for delivery of passports mandatorily via Speed post for the applicants of both Tatkal and Normal categories. The passport is arranged immediately post completion of necessary formalities related to police verification and dispatched by Speed Post to the addressee. The Passport is thus delivered to the applicant’s address within the stipulated timeline of atleast 1-2 days.

Further to collect the passport personally, an applicant is otherwise mandated to submit a written application to the respective RPO. The decision to hand over the passport personally is then granted only to the needy applicants under exceptional cases. Thus the rule however does not apply to Normal/Tatkal category applicants who otherwise intend to collect the passport personally.

Unlike visa formalities which requires an applicant to collect the passport personally, there is also a need to enable the option of collecting passports by the applicants personally. The suggestion may be considered through establishing a dedicated Passport Collection Centers at respective RPO offices. The positive move otherwise will highly benefit the needy applicants of both normal and tatkal category passports, instead of relying on the mandatory postal mode of dispatch.

Varun Dambal


Make medicines available at dealer-price at all government-hospitals

Presently wholesale medicine-market at Bhagirath Palace (Delhi) has virtually turned into a retail-market with even a single strip of any medicine available at almost all wholesale-shops at dealer-price with 20-percent discount on branded medicines. Some shops have even started giving 22-perecent discount in retail on branded medicines. On-line sale of medicines provide still more discounts that too with free home-delivery in attractive packing.

Central and state governments should open retail-shops of medicines in all government-hospitals where normal people may get medicines at dealer-price with maximum possible discounts. Profit-margin rather than discount at these shops should be fixed because cheaper-considered generic medicines have at times have a very abnormal huge gap between ex-factory price and printed Maximum-Retail-Price MRP. Rather maximum gap between ex-factory price and MRP should be fixed for all medicines including branded and generic medicines alike to avoid traders taking undue advantage of extra-ordinary abnormally high gap between ex-factory price and MRP on generic medicines.

Presently medicine-shop AMRIT at All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS (New Delhi) offers just 15-per cent discount on branded medicines otherwise available with 22-per cent discount in retail on shops at Bhagirath Palace (Delhi). Wholesale-traders will rush to join tender for opening shops at government-hospitals offering maximum discount thus giving government-hospitals extra revenue-earning by allotting such shops through tenders.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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