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Letters to the Editor: 13 September, 2019

Jethmalani will be remembered by people

Ram Jethmalani who died due to old age on September 8, 2019  will always be remembered with affection by the Indian public whom he served with such honour and dedication. May God open the gates of heaven for such a distinguished person like him.

Jubel D’Cruz


Motor Vehicles amendment has impacted LTV riders

The Motor Vehicles amendment enforced in 2019 has impacted hard to most of the LTV riders including two wheelers and car users. Violation of safety rules related to not wearing a seat belt in a car is one of the penalties levied by the traffic police department. However the rule to wear seat belts should also be enforced to all categories of HTVs and public transport buses operating in various metropolitan cities. As the crew of the public transport buses have been entrusted to drive safely by not endangering the lives of passengers, it is now obvious that the drivers of public transport buses wear the seat belts and drive in the best interest of passenger safety.

The government should urgently insist public transport corporations across the country to conduct audit of its buses operating in metros like Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysuru etc. and across BRTS network in Ahmedabad, Hubballi etc. The audit should consist of checking seat belt availability for the safety of bus crew and thus ensure its strict adherence accordingly.

Further there is an urgent need to raise awareness to drive safely while wearing a seat belt in buses and HTVs alike including public transport and BRTS buses. Hence the government should strive to ensure that the crew members driving buses within city, inter-city, intra city, BRTS network and airport shuttle routes are made to wear the seat belt mandatorily and drive the vehicle. The move to enforce mandatory seat belts rule for the bus drivers will help ensure enhanced passenger safety along with complying to road safety regulations and personal well being accordingly.

Varun Dambal


Long detentions make gangsters operate gangs from jails

It refers to day-light killing of a notorious criminal in Narela (Delhi) on September 8, 2019 allegedly due to a gang-war. Crime-activities in the capital city can never be controlled where known gangsters operating gang said to have been operating from inside the jail, are kept in long custody. It may be recalled that unfortunate incident of hijack of IC-814 Indian plane on December 24, 1999 was caused only to successfully get released three notorious terrorists from Pakistan including Maulana Masood Azhar who has become headache for India after his forced release as pre-condition to free Indian civilian plane.

Delhi government and Delhi Police should take initiatives so that court-trial of known gangsters may be supersonically completed at all levels including at trial-stage and at High Court and Supreme Court in case cases move at stage of higher courts. Even it should be ensured that mercy-petitions if filed by such convicted gangsters in case of confirmation of death-sentence may be decided fast to make final execution as fast as possible.

Only such fast justice-delivery-system can check increasing crimes by gangsters in the capital. If needed, Delhi government can write to Chief Justice of India for ensuring fast justice to pave way for making Delhi crime-free capital.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Limit number of episodes in TV serials

It refers to media-reports that a Hindi TV serial has reached its 3000th episode on a private TV channel. Continuance of TV serials for years after years with even change in generations of the characters shown in such TV serials makes viewers TV-addicted with unimaginable number of total man-hours viewing TV-serials only adversely affecting studies of students and proper attention to children by mothers who are victims of such addiction. Already social media has ruined life-style and working-efficiency of all including office-goers.

Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting should regulate maximum number of episodes in a normal TV serial to say 52 (one year). However such a restriction may not be there on epic-serials and TV serials with single story in each episode.

Madhu Agrawal


Aarey land dispute

No one is a victor as the project metro is a social cause and it reveals the development of the Commercial Capital. The city is in for a drastic change and it is time to make sure less number of trees are chopped to make it a dream come true project. Aaditya can dare to do damage just for the sake of vote bank politics for the coming assembly elections. But in reality we find Mumbai city is lagging behind Chennai, Bengaluru and Delhi and it is time to speed up Metro project for which Metro Car Depot is a catalyst to make the project a successful one. Let us not make it a prestige issue.

M.R. Jayanthy

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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