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Letters to the Editor: 21 November, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Pawar’s googly has Sena stumped

Sharad Pawar ‘googly’ has Shiv Sena in a soup and the shrewd politician takes a ‘U’ turn on supporting Sena as he says he never discussed government formation with the Congress. You reap what you sow and Shiv Sena is getting what it deserves as they had ditched BJP who were their pre-poll alliance partner and now they themselves seems to have been ditched by their post-poll alliance partners NCP-Congress.

One bird is always better than two in the bushes and Sena has learnt a big lesson in the practical sense. BJP with 105 MLA’s than Sena’s 56 had absolute right to install their own Chief Minister and Devendra Fadnavis was even projected one openly before elections. Sena can possibly realign with BJP in government formation but clearly they now would not have much bargaining power even when it comes to portfolios and will have to be at the mercy of BJP who seems to have played all their cards well. Greed for power does can make one fall.

S.N. Kabra


GST and Income-Tax evasion by banquet-halls should be curbed

There are reports that many banquet-halls demand in cash for holding functions to evade GST and thus in turn Income Tax also. It should be made compulsory for each banquet-hall to submit complete details of functions held there to some authority to be especially set up for the purpose. Simultaneously all those conducting functions including marriage-celebrations should also file details of celebrations with the same authority. Specially developed software can match the data, and catch hold of those filing false returns. This data by the suggested authority can be shared with Income Tax Department and GST authorities. Even marriage-cards should have print-number of cards and other details about marriage-celebrations as decided by the authority suggested where functions-details are to be filed.

Perhaps a single reasonable GST-slab of ten-per cent replacing 5, 12 and 18 and 28 per cent can curb tendency of tax-evasion. Provision of tax-evading Input-Tax-Credit then can be abolished from manufacturing and service sector thus resulting in increased ultimate tax-collection. However a higher slab of 25-per cent can replace that of 28-per cent for items to be used for long. Cess can also be replaced by GST-slabs in multiples of 50 or 100 per cent for simplification.

Madhu Agrawal


Focus on Kashmir’s economic growth

Economic losses in Kashmir have run well over a billion dollars since India revoked its autonomy and statehood in August. Its estimated economic losses

ran into at least Rs 10,000 crore ($1.40 billion) by September.  I think that court should  appoint an external agency to assess the losses. Government also should focus on economical development of Kashmir.

Mahmudul Hasa


We all are equal

Our Constitution guarantees the right of equality to all citizens, but our society still categorises people into lower class and higher class. No one can justify this discrimination. Economically weaker, marginalised and deprived sections suffer the atrocities committed on them by the powerful. The crime rate remains high because those maintaining  law and order do not make serious efforts to get the accused convicted. On the contrary, the victims face further harassment and threat to life. It is a shameful conduct on the part of officials responsible for ensuring protection of the hapless members of our society. Those neglecting to protect the rights of such people should be held accountable.

Seraj Ali 


IAS losing its sheen

The recent trend of IFS officers losing sheen over IAS officers as a career choice is relatively alarming. On the other hand, IFS officers enjoy a privilege of global appointments along with diplomatic immunity-enjoyed only by a niche segment of people in bureaucratic circles. As also when compared to IAS officers, IFS officers otherwise enjoy wide access to global issues and forums while IAS officers only serve within the state’s jurisdiction.

As also with the emergence of Global politics and diplomacy as one of the hot topics debated including a chance to delegate WTO, G8, SAARC, BRICS, RECP and host of other global summits, an IFS officer’s career is much exciting than an IAS officer. The reason to travel across the globe widely along with an opportunity to learn foreign language, adapt of various political and local cultures is one of the key reasons as why an UPSC aspirant otherwise wishes to choose an IFS posting over IAS posting. MEA as has not expanded much by establishing more embassies and consulates and thereby a gap thus created in designating more number of IFS candidates through raising the candidate intake in UPSC exams.

Varun Dambal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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