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Letters to the Editor: 24 January, 2020

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Row over birthplace of Sai Baba

Currently, India is now seized with so many religious conflicts, courtesy pseudo-secular policies of the long Congress regime for decades. The government is not in a position to bear more such controversies like the now developed in Maharashtra Chief Minister announcing rupees 100-crore package for developing village Pathri as birthplace of Sai Baba that too when there have been too many theories about parents and birthplace of Sai Baba. Such an unthoughtful announcement made by the Maharashtra Chief Minister to take a U-turn on the issue because of protests of the people of Shirdi.

There is no confirmation or firm religious faith about Pathri to be birth place of Sai Baba unlike Ayodhya where there are no two opinions about the city being definitely the birth place of Lord Rama. Script-writers for speeches of President of India should also be careful in the future because the President in September 2017 mentioned Pathri to be birth-place of Sai Baba.

Madhu Agrawal

Western Railways grandiose venture may turn awry

I was delighted to read the news titled ‘Soon selling good in Western Railway AC local train to be legal’ in your esteemed newspaper. The news detailed how the WR was in plans to sell electronic wares as mobiles, laptops etc. in AC locals. One thing was not clear about the timing the goods would be on sale.

In the morning, people would be in a haste to go to their offices and will have no time to go through the wares and compare the prices. In the evenings commuters will be in haste to go back home to be among his family members. Here in this case also there will be very few people who would be interested to buy such expensive wares. All these things need one to be in a leisure mind.
Now, the question is that when will one get time to buy wares put on display by the WR. The only day left is Sunday.

Sundays also trains are crowded with people coming out to visit places of relatives and friends.  But I wonder why people would buy these goods from a local train when they are used to buying such things from shops and galleries.

Would the WR sell these wares at discounted rates? If not, I am certain that selling these wares on board the locals would be a difficult proposition.

Gauri Mitra

Excellent initiative from ministry of Ayush

Kudos to the Ministry of AYUSH which has come out with an excellent initiative to make people at work to destress and refresh themselves through Y-BREAK or Yoga break — a 5-minute exercise designed to make professionals and  the complete staff  at workplaces to have a healthy physique and a tension- free mind and help enhance a healthy life besides increasing productivity. This project may soon become part of the schedule at Government institutions and corporate bodies. Developed by  the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, with inputs from reputed Yoga experts, around  15 institutions including corporate houses like Tata Chemicals, Axis Bank and Ernst & Young Global Consulting Services have volunteered to join the project.  Booklets and videos on how to practice yoga will be given to the staff at the work places . Besides , the ministry would be giving all possible help and support to see that this beautiful programme is inculcated among all.

This programme, undoubtedly, will be well  received by all as today’s stressed life makes everybody desire for a break and when a break comes with a light but powerful exercise like yoga which can be done so easily and joyfully Y – it is surely going to be a hit among all as it makes them excellently fit. This break should be encouraged and initiated at all workplaces -government and non government.

M Pradyu

It’s time to make use of Solar power

Of late, geo thermal energy and thermal energy are now being used to produce electricity across the world. The resources and raw materials required for the energy will soon dry out owing to excessive dependability on fossil fuels. Hence government organisations, international institutions and local bodies should now be mandated to use solar energy for its electricity and power consumption. Solar energy is one of the best possible sources of natural and renewable energy. It can be extensively used to produce electricity through its photo voltaic cells and solar thermal power and thus tap energy to a fullest extent.

An innovative strategy is the need of the hour to otherwise incentivise various countries to use solar energy. Public utility buildings such as airports, government offices etc should otherwise make a robust shift to solar powered buildings from traditional coal power. Attractive funding opportunities to harness solar power should be adopted by governments across the globe. International institutions such as International Solar Alliance should extensively focus on exploiting solar energy at least in the sunshine countries and thus help to reduce dependency much on fossil fuels.

Varun Dambal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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