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Letters to the Editor: 25 September, 2019

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Hope Modi’s visit attracts investments

Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar’ sounded Prime Minister Modi in Houston as Indo-US relations were further strengthened at the ‘Howdy Modi‘ event which was watched by billions across the globe. PM Modi is making all the right noises and today certainly is the most popular political figure in the world. India under Modi’s leadership is being heard at  global platform on every parameter and eliminating terrorism as well as corruption are right on top of that list which is the reason for his growing popularity as these subjects are global phenomenon that affects all countries.

However, Modi has a constituency back home and hope his friendship with global leaders also attracts investments from foreign countries into India. Our economy is in the doldrums which should be revived at the earliest and Modi seems to be the only leader who can transform India’s fortunes in the days to come. Hope Modi’s US visit culminates into a lot of deals that are beneficial for our country not just on defence pacts but economic business deals as well. Citizens are hopeful of better days in the coming years and let’s keep our fingers crossed that it happens sooner than we expect!

S.N. Kabra.


Citizens must follow traffic rules

The hefty fines imposed by the traffic department to motorists and to those driving two-wheelers across the country have triggered several debates. Sometimes, we think that the rules are just useless. The attitude is that if everyone can break rules, why can’t I?  Most people do not carry or do not have a driving licence. They must always carry a driving licence with them while travelling. Those who break the law, must be booked and fined heavily so as to discourage them from repeating the act again. Another case is haste. People try to cross the road while the signal is still red. They argue that there was no one on the road and chose to cross it because they were in a hurry to reach their destination. But they should know that rules are rules and everyone has to follow them. Those driving a car must always wear a seat belt and those driving a two-wheeler must always wear a helmet. It is for their safety and it reduces the chances of death.

Jubel D’Cruz


NN Vohra report on politicians-criminals nexus should be made public

Enforcement Directorate under present Central Government is acting freely in right direction by boldly acting against top-ranking politicians of the country to expose open secret of their ultra-richness which till now was hided by investigating agencies because of their hi-fi status.

It is high time that Central Government approaches Supreme Court for lifting stay on making public annexures to report submitted by NN Vohra Committee set up to probe nexus of criminals and politicians. Presently only final report but only with recommendations has been published. But annexures which contains names of several hi-fi politicians was not done by the then Central Government. Subsequently a stay-order was obtained from Supreme Court on publication of the annexures under the changed era of transparency and good governance.

It is noteworthy that once CIC ordered publication of annexures of NN Vohra Committee Report, but officials of Union Home Ministry were even not aware of any such annexures, what to talk about their knowledge about stay-order on its publication. Spokesperson of a particular political party was visibly uncomfortable in TV debates on the said CIC-verdict, whose founder was supposed to be figuring in the said annexures.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Monorail mid-air miseries

Monorail services were disrupted, leaving passengers stranded between Mysore Colony and Bharat Petroleum stations. Finally, passengers were safely evacuated by the Mumbai Fire Brigade, with the help of a ladder. The snag was reported after one of the monorail lost power. Although the monorail technical team tried to ensure that Phase 1 operations resume early, it was a futile exercise. Frequent failures in Monorail is such a pathetic experience. It spoils your travelling plans and sheer waste of time. When will monorail technical safety and quality be ensured. After experiments and live experiences we could not correct the snag and make the passage risk free. This is not the first time that the passengers are having mid-air problem and it is high time the snag is rectified without frequent breakdowns.

Nikhil Mani

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