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Letters to the Editor: 28 June, 2019

Fix the onus of safety

Corruption rules roost in our country and most certificates be it fire compliant or others are issued by taking bribes. Not a single restaurant or hotels in the city follow safety rules and almost all eateries are prone to fire due to crumbled wirings, excessive air conditioning without exhausts due to lack of space which is certified as fire compliant for money.

Human life has become cheap and the authorities don’t seem to have learned a lesson even after several tragedies that have killed many innocent lives. Fix the onus of safety on the department than on eateries for accountability. Both need to be taken to task with penalties and imprisonment for speedy implementation of safety standards!



World Asteroid Day

World Asteroid Day (June 30) is a global awareness movement where people from all walk of life come together to learn about asteroids and what we can do to protect our planet. Although asteroids would seem like mere rocks floating in space, they are actually objects of great importance for astronomers, geologists, planetary scientists, among others. On the evolutionary field, they are pristine objects from the dawn of the solar system. They maintain their original chemical composition that speaks to us about how our solar neighbourhood was like about 4.5 billion years ago.

Jubel D’Cruz


Give home-cooked food to children

There was a news from Chandigarh about the lungs of a child getting burst after eating chow mein, a Chinese food item. Though the child has been saved due to doctors’ making their best efforts, one cannot deny that crispy and spicy food items sold in plastic packs for Rs 5-Rs 10 in the market are causing harm to the children’s health.

There were very few companies making such items about 5-6 years ago; however, the there number has considerably increased today. Parents don’t mind buying such stuff for children since they don’t cost much. Harmful acids and chemicals are used to make these things more attractive for children and to develop a certain taste.

Children’s internal organs are very delicate and regular consumption of such things can spoil their health. Children are taught the importance of eating home-made food, vegetables, fruits, etc. in their curriculum. Even during parents’ meetings, school teachers advise them to give homemade food to children; but rather than buying children’s sickness in Rs 5 in such manner and spending thousands of rupees on the doctors, there is a need to take out time for cooking different types of nutritious food at home so as to develop taste for home-made food amongst children.

Mokshada Ghanekar


Pakistan honours Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Pakistan is going to honour Maharaja Ranjit Singh on his 180th death-anniversary by installing his life-size bronze statue near his Samadhi at Lahore, also to promote religious tourism for Sikh devotees. Earlier Pakistan government started exhibiting historic documents, books and news-clippings relating to great Indian martyr Bhagat Singh from March 26, 2018, including court-order and black warrant relating to his hanging on March 23, 1931, at Shadman Chowk (Lahore), recognising him as a common hero of India and Pakistan. Earlier Pakistani authorities had even named Shadman Chowk after Bhagat Singh after persistent demand of civil-society there, though the decision was later put on hold because of some fundamentalist elements there. However, celebrations are held at Shadman Chowk even presently on every March 23.

Indian politicians who celebrate birth and death anniversaries of their political mentors and family members should take a lesson from Pakistan. It is indeed sad that Indian politicians worship such personalities who deliberately chose not to stop hanging of martyr-trio of freedom struggle of India, and misused veto-power as king-maker by crowing such a person as first Prime Minister of India whose policies and acts created many problems including of Kashmir.

Currency-notes and coins in India should figure rather heroes of Indian freedom struggle rather than only of a politically worshipped person. An attractive stature of trio Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev should be installed at the empty canopy of famous India Gate.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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