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Letters to the Editor: January 30, 2019

Following ideals of Nanaji Deshmukh needed

Great social activist Chandikadas Amritrao Deshmukh (Nanaji Deshmukh) who devoted big last part of life and dedicated social service in remote tribal areas definitely deserved greatest national honour of Bharat Ratna. But the need of the hour is to adopt ideal principles advocated by him. He declined post of Union Cabinet Minister in Morarji Desai government after the emergency era of 1975-77 only on the ground that he advocated the principle to stay away from politics after the age of 60 years. But now politicians even at the age of 80s or 90s kept glued to legislative posts with someones dreaming to be the Prime Minister even at such a high age.

In the present era too, many aspirants in the opposition dream for the post of the Prime Minister, only present BJP government at the centre can and are doing massive poll reforms through an ordinance to be implemented in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections coming to be in the next few months. One of the reform can be a tribute to great Nanaji Deshmukh by imposing an upper age limit to remain in the legislature after which members of Lok Sabha or state assemblies may be auto-terminated. However such an upper age limit may not be there for members of Rajya Sabha to meet emergency demand to make experienced person Prime Minister.

However, absolute useless Legislative Councils in states set up just for political employment of favourites of political heavyweights may be abolished through an ordinance to be ratified by a Constitutional amendment later. These Upper Houses in states were abolished in many states after 1977 with just five states retaining Vidhan Parishads. But later, many more states added these White Elephants on public exchequers funded by hard-earned money of taxpayers.

Madhu Agrawal


Diversion of company funds for personal gains destroyed many industries!

Diversion of company funds by promoters for personal gains has destroyed many sunrise industries in our country and Sun Pharma is the latest to join the bandwagon. Corporate governance is a major issue in India’s corporate world where you can get away with any malpractices by greasing palms of bureaucrats who are responsible for safeguarding the law which is the reason why we witness scams and frauds at regular intervals.

Business ethics are the key to the success of any organisation. Our country needs the highest corporate governance for the growth and progress of our economy. We must have stringent laws for our corporate world which give stringent punishment for those who divert company funds as well as commit scams and frauds. SEBI is a toothless body and it needs more powers to monitor frauds and scams apart from manpower to monitor the growing world of corporate listings in our country. Also, Dilip Sanghvi who is on RBI board should resign from the apex body till all irregularities are cleared against his name!


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