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Letters to the Editor: July 11, 2018

1) India needs to control population

On occasion of World Population Day falling on July 11, the Indian government should take shocking UN report seriously that India may cross even China in next six years to create a record of being a most populous country in the world despite having oldest Family-Planning-Programme started in the year 1951. India may still be the largest populated country in the world in terms of population in proportion with an area of the concerned country. Population-figure of 121 crores as per census-2011, is presently estimated to be 125 crores with 2.6 crore babies added every year to the population of a country.

The Indian government should concentrate more on 146 districts out of total 640 where Total-Fertility-Rate (TFR-the average number of children expected to be born to a woman in the reproductive age span of 15-49 years) is 3 against a national average of 2.2 as per the National Family Health Survey-4 (covering years 2015-16). Even Islamic Bangladesh has lower TFR of 2.14. India ranks at 94th position in a list of 200 countries with Taiwan having lowest TFR of just 1.218 and Niger topping with 7.153. However, the Indian government should also take care to prevent situation like in China where controlling measures made TFR falling to 1.635 making China a country of aged ones.

Instead of spending on Family-Planning-Programme, India should rather save by abolishing all types of subsidies, reservation-benefits and other concessions from persons and families having more than three children. Demography should be regularly viewed and corrective measures taken to prevent extra-ordinary population-rise in some particular community. India should follow those Islamic countries where there is a ban on having more than one wife.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Existence of God

The Ordainer, the Doer control the fate of souls in accordance with their karma. Whatever is destined not to happen, cannot happen, try how hard you can. Similarly whatever is destined to happen will and is bound to happen, do what you can to stop it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent by allowing the Doer to do and observe the events.

The above affirmation by the Saint reinstates the principles of karma where one gets what one has to as per one’s own actions. An effort to go against this will only dislodge the faith as nothing other than what is ordained by God shall ever happen. To believe this and proceed in one’s life is always the safest way and surest means to reach the destination. The love for God is independent of  the theory of karma as the latter applies only to the body and mind. Whereas Love emanates from Self.

The various forms and ceremonies, prayers, pilgrimages and holy books are the preparations which take of the impurities of the soul. When the latter is cleansed, it will naturally want to get to the mine of purity – God Himself.  Every religion insists on people having faith. No doubt, blind belief is not advocated but on deep analysis, one can find a very great truth behind it.

The mercy of God is eternal and unchangeable, but how then can we reckon with the difference among humanity? The explanation offered is that the present life depends on the acts carried out previously. So, for a purposeful life, we are asked to carry out pious deeds now to ensure that our future shall be smooth and prosperous.

Man has been provided with three gifts; a body, the desire to be free and a noble soul. Using them, he has to reach the goal. From whom all beings are projected, in whom all life and unto whom all return, can be called God. The concept of God is a fundamental element in the human constitution.  Notwithstanding the differences and controversies existing among various sects, there are several grounds of unity.

Almost all agree on the Existence of God — who creates, sustains and destroys.  Secondly, of the soul and its re-appearance and third, of the universe. Our scriptures state that every duty is hold and devotion to it is the highest form of worship of God. Faith in themselves was the motive power which pushed our ancestors forward in the march of civilisation.

– C.K. Subramaniam


3) Having own rating agency is a must

Mumbai has a rich heritage but unfortunately, it has been lost to commercialisation as the city has been turned into a concrete jungle. Victorian and Art Deco buildings getting UNESCO world heritage tag is welcome news but mere such recognition would not suffice to protect the city’s rich history. We need to save Mumbai from the Mafia land grabbers and also popularising tourists spot so that more and more people visit the city. Kanheri caves, National park, Byculla zoo and other places of tourist attraction should get UNESCO recognition so that they are preserved for long.

Mumbai is a ‘film nagri’ and studios like Filmistan, Kamal Amrohi etc. should get similar recognition so that they are not lost to unplanned infrastructure. Aarey colony with lush green forest is like ‘lungs’ to the city. It needs urgent protection as there is negligible green belt left in the city. Our country can have its own rating agencies that can do the job of what UNESCO does so that we don’t need a foreign body to protect our own rich heritage. Hope better sense prevails and Mumbai’s heritage is not just preserved but new landmarks come up in near future to add to the city’s glory and pride!

– S.N.Kabra


4) Splash! A Malayali festival of Kerala

Splash! This is a nine-day celebration that takes place in the Wayanad district of Kerala. It is held mainly to celebrate the monsoon season that gives a new dimension to the natural greenery of the place. Added attractions include adventure sports like rock climbing, rafting, mud football, archery and trekking along with music and dance. Dates are not specified for this festival but every year it is scheduled in the month of July.

– Jubel D’Cruz


5) Unlucky becomes lucky

After 18 days of harrowing experience captivated inside a cave on compulsion and survived with diminishing oxygen levels inside the cave, the 13 members of a football team with their coach were forced to survive under mysterious circumstance. It was indeed a miracle for the unlucky 13 proved to be lucky with a miraculous escape as the workers at Tham Laung worked day and night for this historic recovery process. It was against all odds and an astonishing recovery process never heard before in the history. About 90 divers were involved in rescue process and brought back to safety in three phases with significant success. The role of three Thai Navy SEALs and a doctor were remarkable under the trying circumstances to rescue the stranded youngsters.  The operation of rescue was well and truly executed as two divers accompanied each boy on return from the cavern. The well calculated operation saw that none of the trapped boys were short of oxygen when they were deep inside sea water and proper lighting was provided for their onward mission to reach the shore. This is the first time such a daring rescue mission in the treacherous confines of flooded cave and came out unscathed is a lucky escape for the unlucky thirteen.

– Jayanthy S. Maniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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