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Letters to the Editor: July 27, 2018

1) SC should recommend appointments in higher courts

It refers to the central government now returning recommendation made by the Supreme Court collegium for Justice Aniruddha Bose as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court allegedly on the grounds that such an appointment would give disproportionate representation to a state where already two Chief Justices of High Courts are already from West Bengal. To avoid such returns of recommendations by the central government to Supreme Court collegium for reconsideration, Supreme Court collegium should carefully make recommendations in keeping a view of objections made by the central government on earlier recommendations.

Supreme Court collegium should also finalise the review of cases where its recommendations are sent back by the central government for review at its earliest meeting. It is a matter of concern that Supreme Court collegium could not take any decision on the review of its recommendation in case of elevation of Justice KM Joseph to Supreme Court. It is significant that the central government in the present system is bound to accept the recommendation of Supreme Court collegium in case it finally decides on the matter after filing review of its recommendations by the central government. It is unfair and unjustified for affected judges that their promotion is unnecessarily deferred and delayed where in many cases such affected judges lose their chance to become the Chief Justice of India which is by convention according to their seniority in the appointment.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Pakistan’s perception needs to be changed

Politicians are politicians and one should never believe them or trust them and should not be optimistic to think that they will do something good for the country or its people. After coming into power all the politicians are only up to their own personal gains. They are the same and they sail in the same boat, irrespective of their party or ideology or alliance or association. Imran Khan knows only cricket and politics is a different topic for him. First, he should set things right in his own country. As in Pakistan’s Constitution, amendments has to be made for three heads of the military rather than one and powers of military heads has to be restricted to matters related to security only. Also on the Kashmir’s issue, it has to change his perception as not to interfere in the internal matters of Kashmir. Unless these changes are made, Pakistan will remain the same irrespective of numerous new Prime Ministers. And with Pakistan’s military and ISI expected to be always riding over him, he will be an utter failure at the helm of an already-failed-Pakistan-nation.

– Jubel D’Cruz


3) Voters rooted out Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan Elections

Election results in Pakistan are strictly in accordance with pre-poll predictions of PTI of Imran Khan leading elections but to be compulsorily dependent on outside support of independents with the army, as usual, playing a major role in government formation. While in India, money role is vital to purchase independents and others in case of hung assemblies or Lok Sabha, it may be that army manage support of independents for seating its favourite on the post of Prime Minister thus making him dance to the tune of army playing a major role of kingmaker.

However, satisfying point is that neither people nor kingmaker army gave any support to notorious Hafiz Saeed when the party was totally rooted out in the elections. Probably next Prime Minister Imran Khan already paid a courtesy call to the Indian Prime Minister at New Delhi. Imran Khan has otherwise also made a number of friends in India during his cricket-career, while on the other hand, many Pakistanis do not like him because of his personal controversial lifestyle with several broken marriages. Under the circumstances, the probable crowning of Imran Khan as next Prime Minister of Pakistan may not in anyway change Pakistan policy towards India. However, the present Indian government should keep a vigilant eye on the position of Hindu minority in Pakistan under the new regime, also because practically India has to face challenges of settling migrated Hindus from Pakistan to India.

– Madhu Agrawal


4) Meaningless ‘Bandhs’ are a drag on country’s economy!

Meaningless ‘Bandhs’ however peaceful are a drag on the country’s economy and development. Maharashtra ‘Bandh’ on Tuesday and Mumbai on Wednesday will hardly serve any purpose as solutions to any given problem can only be tackled through debates. Suicides only cause loss of life & such blackmails are not how a govt should be pressurized in a democracy. A single day off be it on account of ‘Bandhs’ or any other reason means a loss of hundreds of crores to the economy. The ongoing transporters strike too is unfortunate & now the ‘Bandh’ by Maratha Kranthi Morcha’ (MKM) would only fuel an inflationary trend that would hit the poor the most.

Reservations or ‘Quota’ should be given to Marathas and the weaker section of society but it should be given judicially to the deserving but wrong section of society take advantage of schemes meant for the poor. Maharashtra is an important state and we must have a disaster management committee of experts to look into issues affecting the people. Protests are a national waste and should be avoided, more so for an underdeveloped country like India where every minute of productivity counts as many people depend on daily wages for their survival!

– S.N.Kabra


5) Making most of Maratha stir

Once again violence disrupts peace and after the Maratha stir was called off the stir intensifies and causing more losses to the life and property.  What we achieve by calling a peaceful stir turning out violent with sporadic violence in parts of Mumbai and suburbs. Navi Mumbai witnessed violence taking place at a fast pace and police retaliation until late in the evening saw the state in bad light. After the farmer suicide, the CM was ready for talks. We can solve many such serious problems through healthy talks.  Why then so much delay is taking place to break the stalemate. By talking across the table the stir could have been avoided and taking up a wild turn.

Better sense should prevail and stop such frequent stirs and that upset normal life of citizens of the maximum city. Maximum city showed minimum resilience and made the city sense in the name of Maratha stir. It is indeed a national loss.

– Nikhil Krishnan

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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