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Letters to the Editor: March 10, 2019

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Formality of celebrating Women-Day

Formality of celebrating International Women Day is fulfilled every year on 8th March but without any attitude-change towards women which though being 50 per cent of population, get only a minute representation in law-making system. Many political parties cry for reservation on man-made aspects like religion and cast evidently for vote-bank politics, but oppose reservation to women which still remain dominated section of society created by nature in our male-dominated political system. Even Islamic world including Pakistan and many other democratic countries have adopted Women-Reservation in legislature.

The Election Commission formula to make it compulsory for every political party to give at least 33 per cent party-tickets to women may be immediately enforced as an interim measure, till Indian women get their legitimate right for 33-percent state-wise reservation in legislature. Moreover to prevent wives or other relations being misused as proxy of male politicians, there should be a system whereby name or photo of husband or any other relation may not be permitted in election-campaigns of women candidates. At a time when women-quota in panchayats and local bodies is being increased to 50-percent from earlier 33-percent, it is meaningless to resist 33 per cent reservation to women in legislature. Rather there should be uniform 33 per cent reservation for women at all stages from civic bodies to Parliament.

Madhu Agrawal


Farmers call of March

Farmers proved wise and called off their march after state government steps in. Thousands of farmers began a march from Nashik but better counsel prevailed in the end. While crop production is always at risk because of pests, diseases, shortage of inputs like seeds and irrigation, which could result in low productivity and declining yield, the lower than the remunerative price in the absence of marketing infrastructure and profiting by middlemen adds to the financial distress of farmers. While the farming sector has its own set of risks, like any other economic activity, to increase and ensure a stable flow of income to farmers it is vital to manage and reduce the risks by analysing, categorising and addressing them. This the major reason for the farmer’s initial protest and now with Maharashtra state stepping in, the stir is called off as expected.

Gundu Krishnan Mani


Build both — a temple and a mosque

If only a temple and a mosque are built on the same land where the Babri Masjid once stood, the Ayodhya issue could be solved. The court should take this into consideration.

Jubel D’Cruz

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