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Letters to the Editor: March 27, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1551427138145Curb necessary over misleading ads!

Today’s era belongs to social media and it takes only a few minutes to spread the matter all over the world, let it be news, video, photo; through social media. Its adverse effect is that even posts, which are wrong, false or rumours; which can disturb social harmony, are spread like fire; therefore, APP’S like ‘What’s APP, twitter etc. tried to bring improvement in their APP’S and put curb over the same to some extent; but it has been observed that there was no control over misleading advertisements shown on websites. Many misleading advertisements are seen on various websites such as reducing weight in 10 days; growing hair on bald head; the assurance to cure incurable diseases; solving domestic problems; earning money by playing games ‘online’; working from home and earning millions of rupees etc. Such advertisements are also seen in a few newspapers. Many people, falling prey to these misleading advertisements, are conned and losing thousands of rupees. It is, therefore, felt that efforts should be made to stop such misleading advertisements; just as measures have been taken for keeping watch on fake posts spreading rumours, through social websites!

Jagan Ghanekar


Heat wave takes a toll

Heat has set in and several cities especially Mumbai is sweltering under heat waves in the month of March. Rich people can enjoy the comfort of Air Conditioner in their homes and in their cars while travelling whereas middle-class and lower middle class go for taking a frequent bath to beat the heat and take watermelon and fruit juices to beat the heat. So far, we have not felt the shortage of Power and Water. It is better to take precautions while travelling out in the hot sun. We can get fresh air by keeping the windows open instead of keeping it closed all the time. Save water for summer season should be our main motto.

Anandambal Subbu


Lavishing promises

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had promised that 20 per cent poor families in this country would be given Rs 72,000 per year if his party was elected to power. Now, taking a retreat, Congress has given a clarification that the scheme was meant only for women. These poor families also know that promises given during election period are only verbal bubbles. Every day, there is a new promise. There is no uniformity in making announcements. The Election Commission should impose a ban on making such announcements. How did people remain poor despite electing them to power for more than 60 years? Leaders became rich and poor people became poorer. A few Congress leaders had even claimed that enough quantity of food was available at a minimum cost which is like making a mockery of poor people and people have not forgotten this. They are now promising Rs 72,000 per year for poor families. People should take these leaders to task for making such promises. So many millions of people in this country have to sleep with half-filled stomachs or empty stomach. Jokes can be cut only on a full stomach. Is it not shameful? It has been the experience under Indian democratic rule that only promises are showered on people and in reality, they get nothing but disappointment. Therefore, poor people have no hopes from anyone. If you are giving something, why blow trumpets about them before giving? Why nothing was given earlier even after gaining power?

Kishor Auti


Will unscientific ideology ever come to an end? 

Mortal remains of Goa Chief Minister and former Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar were kept at Kala Academy of Goa, for people to pay their last respect. Later, the premises were purified. Manswi Prabhune, a social worker, strongly criticised this incident and she feels that it was a serious blunder to do such thing at the government level. Goa’s Art and Cultural Minister Govind Gawde has ordered an inquiry into the incident since it was wrong to encourage unscientific things in government premises according to him. It has been proved that rituals, as prescribed in Hindu Dharma, are totally based on science. One needs to study these matters before expressing views. Even at the individual level, the ritual of purification of the house is performed after the death of a family member in that house which is called as ‘Udak-Shanti’. If Kala Academy was purified according to this ritual, what is wrong with it? Most of the social workers opposed to customs and traditions followed under Hindu Dharma by claiming them to be unscientific. They are, however, not ready to study this science to know the truth.

There is no need to purify Miramar sea-coast (where last rites were performed) because ‘Surya Narayan’, who is the main source of maintaining and nurturing the whole Universe, purifies natural places and water reservoirs. It has, however, become a practice to start criticising without understanding the truth.

Sandeep kate



(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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