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Letters to the Editor: Nov 08, 2018

1) Let’s celebrate pollution free Diwali

The grand festival has approached and the excitement in people is increasing to celebrate it enthusiastically. But here, we should ponder that the situation of the environment is turning from worse to worst day-in and day-out. So the celebrating Diwali or other festivals without causing pollution is the need of the hour; if we don’t celebrate them in an eco-friendly way, we may not live to celebrate them for the years to come. Also, it is high time that we keep in mind the critical state of the environment, we should change our lifestyle, traditions, customs, festivals and general ways of living in such manners as they don’t lead our atmosphere to be polluted. In the 21 the century, people should use electronic lights to light their houses and for crackers, some non-polluting alternatives will have to be replaced. I request all my fellow citizens to celebrate Diwali without harming the environment.

– M.F.U.Tandvi


2) Cracker-free Diwali will save many lives!

Every year we waste crores of rupees on bursting crackers during Diwali. Why can’t we use the same money for the uplift of the poor? There are millions of people all over the world who can’t even have two square meals of food to eat a day. Instead of spending money on crackers which goes up in smoke, we should donate the same money to an orphanage or a home for the aged. At least the people who are left to die there by their children will feel happy.

On the other hand, firecrackers create a lot of noise pollution and cause a lot of distress to animals and birds. Avoid them if possible or localise their use in a community to an open field. Do help to clear up the mess in your neighbourhood once the festivities are over.

– Jubel D’Cruz


3) Historical Diwali!

This year’s Diwali is a historical one for Indians as Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a “Diwali gift” in the shape of finalising 12 policies to boost the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises MSMEs. The announcement of a 59-minute loan facility of up to Rs 1 crore for small and medium businesses was one of the key decisions. As the MSME sector plays a vital role in employment, it constitutes a vast network of over 63 million units and employs 111 million people, contributing around 30 per cent to the GDP. PM Modi’s such industry-friendly initiatives will surely boost the economy, decrease unemployment and encourage each and every Indian to venture out and explore their entrepreneurial skills. My heartiest gratitude to PM Modi for taking a public-centric speedy decision. However, he should also form a system to ensure that the loans are repaid on or before time.

– QB Malik


4) Gloomy stock markets to reward risk-taking investors

Diwali is a festival of firecrackers and lights but it was stocks that were bombarded this year by ‘Bears’ on the eve of Diwali on the bourses to spread darkness all around. Rising dollar, crude prices globally, inflation and unemployment figures have dampened the festive cheer which clearly is reflected in the stock markets which is the benchmark to judge the Indian economy which has gone on a tailspin after stocks hit record levels earlier this year. But darkness is followed by light and this is a boon in disguise moment to build a portfolio as many quality stocks are even available below their book value. Diwali picks this year should fire like rockets in the coming days ahead as the brave often are rewarded for the risks they are willing to take at times of turmoil.

Diwali is the country’s biggest festival and one doesn’t always need lavish money to bring a smile on the faces of citizens. Greetings and blessings brighten the Diwali cheer more than ‘dear’ (costly) crackers which cause pollution as well as harm to living beings. Respecting elders and caring the needy brings peace for all. Happy and Prosperous Diwali and New Year greetings to all!

– S.N.Kabra


5) Rahul Gandhi’s allegations are baseless

Once again the Congress President Rahul Gandhi raised the matter of Rafale deal in public saying that Dassault Aviation had paid Rs 284 crores as the “first instalment of kickbacks” to Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defence Ltd, and also claimed that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was having “sleepless nights” fearing action if a probe was conducted into the Rafale deal. It is not the first time when Rahul Gandhi raised this issue, but evidence of all the allegations against PM Modi is yet to be seen. Rahul Gandhi should not speak about such issues until it will be proved in the court on the basis of concrete evidence. Such a statement with no evidence will bring no results for Congress except that party will lose its trust. If he has some objections on Rafale deal he should go to the court and prove that.

– Mohd Usmani


6) World’s tallest statue of Unity is a pride for India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the 182-metre high ‘Statue of Unity’ in the honour of our country’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and dedicated it to the nation. The statue has been built on Sadhu Bet Island on Narmada river, and the imposing statue is touted to be the world’s tallest statue. It is a great tribute to the great leader, who played a major role in integrating the princely states into the Indian Union after the partition of 1947. It is a kind of pride for all Indians to have the world’s tallest statue. I extend my thanks to the Modi government to make the country proud by such giant statue. It always will remind us of the tireless efforts of Sardar Patel which he made for the sake of country’s improvement and reconstruction.

– Mohd Rahmani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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