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Letters to the Editor: Sept 25, 2018

1) Removal of Goa Ministers because of long illness

Indeed Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is rarest of rare Indian politicians known for his honesty and simplicity in public-life when he as the Chief Minister can be seen travelling in public buses. But the reason for the removal of two Ministers in the state on basis of long illness applies unfortunately to the Chief Minister himself also.

Rules should be framed both for the centre and for all the states whereby long illness resulting in absenteeism from office for more than three months by any Minister may automatically result in removal from the post. George Fernandes was made the Rajya Sabha member even though his oath having been read by his colleague in the House only because he could retain Type-VIII government-bungalow in Leyton Zone in New Delhi.

All those entitled for medical-facility including those in the legislature at government-expense must be reimbursed for only in government-hospitals though on priority. At least medical-treatment in foreign countries must not be at government-expense.

In view of the Supreme Court verdict in the matter wherein the apex Court quashed CIC-order for disclosure of annual medical reimbursement of the individual judges of the Supreme Court, it should be legislated to put details of annual medical reimbursement at government-expense on websites of respective public authorities.

– Madhu Agrawal


2) Heart-touching rescue of Indian Commander

It is so heart-touching that after three days of a global search and rescue effort, Commander Abhilash Tomy of the Indian Navy was rescued by a French shipping vessel on Monday morning. Thanks a lot to the French shipping team as well as the Australian Rescue Coordination Centre (ARRC) which was coordinating the rescue mission in conjunction with many agencies, including the Australian Defence Department and the Indian Navy. In this regard, it is also very heartening to know that Commander Tomy is the only Indian to complete solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in 2012-13 on board the Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSV) Mhadei, and has covered 53,000 nautical miles under sail. So proud of this brave Commander of the Indian Navy.

– Mohd Rahmani


3) Provide incoming, missed calls details

Mobile-phone service-providers’ turn down requests made for details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on mobile-numbers of the person/s making such a request in name of ‘privacy’, while companies are providing details of ‘Outgoing’ calls even without being asked for.

It is beyond understanding how and why the company can claim ‘privacy’ on providing the sought data when the calls are made to persons requesting such details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls received on his mobile numbers. Providing details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on request is of utmost importance in cases of obscene/threatening/harassing/fraud calls received by person/s requesting for details of Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls. Such details are also of importance because of unwanted calls interrupting despite registration done on ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ service. It is apparent that mobile-companies cite privacy for deliberately not restricting unwanted calls in order to mint money by such calls.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should make it mandatory for mobile service providers to provide details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on demand in the manner they provide such details of ‘Outgoing’ calls. ‘Privacy’ factor remains the same for ‘Incoming’, ‘Missed’ and ‘Outgoing’ calls.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


4) Send some animals back to their natural habitat

Mumbai zoo’s plans to add to its existing population species sounds absurd when it cannot even take care of the birds and animals that are presently lodged in its possession and dying of malnutrition and climatic challenges in our health hazard city where pollution levels are high. Some animals cannot survive in our climatic conditions and a couple of penguins died recently which should act as an eye-opener. Animals like Kangaroo or for that matter giraffe or ostrich would be like aliens in the city and we would rather see them in videos and pictures than see them struggle for survival here.

It is better to revamp Mumbai’s zoo with its present set of species than add more and make life miserable for these voiceless species. Instead of adding species, we need to subtract a few by sending them back to their original habitat so that they can live there in peace. Mumbai’s zoo should also be relocated to the outskirts of the city from Byculla which is overcrowded to more animal-friendly locales with more green belt. Animal lovers won’t mind travelling distance to watch them than seeing them die here in conditions unfit for their survival!

– S.N.Kabra


5) What is the purpose behind female circumcision?

The hearing is going on in the Supreme Court about the practice of female genital mutilation among Dawoodi Bohra Muslims. This is a religious practice which belongs to their school of thoughts and the same practice is applied to the boys in many sections of Islam. The Supreme Court should examine it very deeply before giving a verdict against this practice, because it may lead to hurt millions of Bohra’s religious sentiments. The main purpose behind female and male circumcision according to the Bohra’s jurisprudence and its spiritual leaders is hygiene — not just physical but also “spiritual and “religious”. So, the Apex Court must think over this angle of the practice too and give an appropriate verdict in this regard.

– F.T.Mulla


6) Stop the game of blaming each other

No day goes unmarked when the Rafale fighter jets deal does not take a new turn. I think that the BJP government should come forward and give a clarification about this matter. But instead of giving answers to the people’s questions, the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley blamed Rahul Gandhi and hinted at a link between Rahul Gandhi’s offensive against the government and the former French President Francois Hollande. The most pressing need of the time is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi must break his silence and give a clarification about this matter. The game of blaming each other on the basis of no evidence and imprecation upon each other has become very old and everyone has fallen sick of this policy. Now they should come to the ground and put their claims along with concrete evidence.

– MF Qasmi


7) Sikkim gets its first airport

Sikkim finally got its first airport as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the State’s first aerodrome at Pakyong and interestingly this is the 100th airport in India. Many thanks to both the previous Congress and incumbent BJP governments for their efforts towards the development of northeast India! It will provide a sigh of relief and contentment to the visitors who were compelled earlier to take a flight to West Bengal’s Bagdogra Airport then travel for 124 km uphill to reach Gangtok. Whatever the hindrance was in the way of its construction, but if the end is good, all is good. I also extend my gratitude to PM Narendra Modi for paying heed to its development and progression.

– Mohd Faheem


8) “Surgical Strike Day” on September 29.

The varsities are going to observe “Surgical Strike Day” on September 29. The idea must be appreciated but don’t forget our first surgical strike. The UGC advisory sent out to educational institute asking them to observe September 29 as “Surgical Strike Day”. In this context, I would like to say that we must also not undermine operation Vijay, the first surgical strike carried out after Independence. It was led by Major General Kunhiraman Palat Candeth during December 18-19, 1961 and Goa was liberated from Portuguese rule in two days.

– Divyesh Chovatiya


9) Unsafe school for children

Uttarakhand, which is considered a safe state for women, has an opposite truth. Every day the incidents of gang-rape with teenagers are taking place specifically in the schools. Today’s atmosphere has really become fearful and scaring for the parents to admit their children in the boarding schools. It’s very shameful for the state administration. The worst part is that the schools generally try to hide such cases fearing a bad name. Now, the parents need to be aware at the time of getting their children’s admitted to any school and the government should also be very sensitive to protect the children’s lives and take a stern action against the criminals.

– Zahid


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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