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Letters to the Editors: May 08, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1553672678487When will the PM apologise?

If Congress President Rahul Gandhi had to apologise to the apex court for calling Narendra Modi a Chowkidar who is Chor, Narendra Modi too should apologise to Rahul, Priyanka, and Sonia Gandhi for his nasty remarks against them. Why didn’t he apologise? Everything should be fair and square. This clearly proves that he’s a Chowkidar Chor for all the false promises he has been making to the citizens of India since the last five years.

Jubel D’Cruz


Guise of progressiveness!

After serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, security machinery of Sri Lanka has become extremely alert and as a measure of security, the ban has been imposed on ‘Burkha’. It has, therefore, become necessary for Muslim women to move in public places, without ‘Burkha’. Of course, Sri Lanka is not the only country to ban ‘Burkha’. Many countries, which have suffered due to terrorism, have already imposed such ban. In this background, even in India, there is a demand to ban ‘Burkha’ and many Muslim women have welcomed the same. For women from Muslim community, who are an inseparable part of India, which is trying to be a financial superpower in the 21st century, this is the right time to be free from a religious constraint like ‘Burkha’. Muslim women are going for higher studies just as men and are holding high posts in the materialistic world. Therefore, if their personal freedom is throttled by covering them under ‘Burkha’ only due to religious tradition, it is better to do away with such traditions. Muslim ‘Dharma gurus’ from many countries, along with Sri Lanka, are welcoming such ban on ‘Burkha’. Some self-proclaimed thinkers from India, however, who call themselves progressive, seem to prefer that Muslim women should be in ‘Burkha’. The progressiveness of such characters is just a pretense and it has been exposed through this incident.

Mokshada Ghanekar


Politics can throw strange bedfellows after poll results

NDA may fall short of the halfway mark in this year’s Parliamentary elections which is the reason why Prime Minister Modi has been guarded in his comments when he attacks some opposition leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, and their tribe. He has talked about his respect for Sharad Pawar and also revealed Mamata Banerjee’s gesture of sending Kurtas and sweets to him every year which is an indication that even Modi is aware of seat shortfalls in forming a government after election results.

Both Mamata and Sharad Pawar are known to switch political loyalties for power and one should not be surprised if they join NDA after election results if number game suits them and they are offered key portfolios in the government. Politics is all about strange bedfellows and it is the voters who cast their franchise who is taken for a ride by their leaders.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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