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Life is a Gift

Disha Chhabra is a new generation writer who has completed B.E. from Delhi College of Engineering and MBA from IIM Calcutta. She has achieved positions in Director’s Merit List in both graduation and post graduation. She writes because real people in her life inspire her to transcribe. Whenever she comes across spirited bold people in life, she craves for telling the world about them. She feels it’s from another human being that perhaps we learn the best lessons of our lives. Disha feels that her books are testimony to what she believes. Our editor Vaidehi Taman has tried to understand more about her writings and perceptions.

What is “Corporate Avatars” all about?

Corporate Avatars is a satire on corporate life. A lot of our corporate life is all about the people we work with. And if our equations with these people are less than perfect, it ends up taking a lot of our energy; sometimes more than the actual work itself. Corporate Avatars is about creating beautiful and long lasting work relationships. The book is written in a humorous tone to make it less preachy, easy to implement. There are more than 40 characters in the book describing different personality types and more than 100 tips to deal with such people. You think of the person whom you find difficulty working with and you will find him in here. It is funny, it will make you laugh and think at the same time.

Do you have personality conflicts?

We all do. As a person, we all behave quite differently at workplace, at home, with our friends. I too have similar conflicts. To some people, I may come across as reserved and to some really outgoing.

Why do you feel that the bosses are demanding, co-workers lazy, colleagues an email spammer? In short, only you are productive and constructive, rest all are just waste?

No, I may also have a character in there describing my own corporate avatar.

Are you obsessed with yourself?

I love myself, yes. I am self obsessed, no.

Please give some examples, where your writing has changed lives.

A lot of readers who love my books write to me, how my book inspires them to look at things from a different perspective. I feel I write real life stories which are easy to connect and hence, that touches people’s heart and changes them forever. After my first book, a lot of people went to pursue their higher studies. After my second, a lot of differently-abled people got hope and after my third, a lot of us will become better corporate avatars ourselves.

What is your take on these days’ weekend writers?

I myself am one. As long as one is able to strike the balance, why not?

Why one should read your book? What motivated you to write?

People should read my book because it is fun, engaging and at the same time can give you some real practical tips to strike amazingly strong corporate relationships. My own journey as a corporate professional motivated me to write this book.

These days, writers are mushrooming, everyone thinks his/her opinion and experience is worth writing a book, do you think there are enough buyers for such books?

I feel each book finds its audience. And you may not sell in millions. Personally to me, it’s less about selling quantity, more about changing one life at a time.

How much promotions and persuasions you had to do, for publicising your book?

I don’t ever go for paid promotion for my book. This means, I persuade a lot of my friends to be my initial readers.

What is the greatest challenge in promoting your book, when writers are involved in rat race?

Reaching out to the right audience is really challenging. Word-of-mouth is to me the biggest differentiator for a book.

Why all your books are non-fictional?

Because I feel the world is full of beautiful real life stories of amazing people.

If you spend most of your time on research and writing, how do you justify other course of life?

Discipline is the key. We all have time in life. Only that we use it less judiciously. Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is no will, there are excuses.

Do you think you are in a passion to give advice to other writers?

I am learning myself. I give advice when people seek it. Not otherwise.

What is that one message or whisper that you give to yourself?

Because, Life is a Gift.

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